Dino Melaye caught frolicking with Hushpuppi

Dino Melaye the Hushpuppy and the real Hushpuppi
Dino Melaye the Hushpuppy and the real Hushpuppi

Politics is sometimes a game of tit-for-tat. Senator Dino Melaye should know this after he was called out by Twitterati believed to be APC supporters.

The APC sympathizers published on Twitter Friday photos of Melaye with international fraudster, Raymond Igbalode Abass, alias Hushpuppi.

APC Nigeria Support triggered the response with this tweet:

Melaye had provoked the response after he mocked former national chairman of APC, Adams Oshiomhole, who was finally kicked out by an emergency meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee on Thursday.

Melaye and Hushpuppi

The party mob responded by calling into question Melaye’s integrity, caught frolicking with a fraudster.

One commenter said he could not wait for Hushpuppi to name Melaye and Daddy Freeze as some of his collaborators in Nigeria.

“I can’t wait for Hushpuppi to link his Nigerian based allies like Daddy freeze, Dino melaye and Co”, wrote Emeka @ dr Obetta.

Another wrote: “Dino Melaye looks humble behind his boos (hushpuppi). Show me your friend and I will tell you Who you are”.

Jubril of Sudan till 2023, who captioned one of his posts as “Hushpuppi and Hushpuppy”, added: Can @dino_melayetell Nigerians how he bought all his expenses cars and show us their receipts . If not we won’t defend him whenever Hushpuppi mention his name”.


  1. Of course, maleye is a common criminal. He should be investigated by the Dubai police, there are no tall trees there to hide for 11 hours. Hahahaha

    • It is a major character flaw for Dino that almost every Nigerian believes he would do anything for money; isn’t that a big disgrace for anyone individual, let alone, a former senator….investigations pending…!!!

  2. Daddy Dino is just a disciple, an underdog to this his principal. See how is position is defined in the picture. Just a protege or an apprentice. Daddy Dino will soon sing for him, as usual. Well done Sir. Fellow Nigerians, always ask for source and application, it’s a cardinal principle in ethical relationship. Daddy Dino might have been misled, but this picture speaks of a chummy/ blossoming relationship, of which Daddy Dino is very proud. Show me your friend…………….

  3. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a … Uncle Dino Melaye, over to you with a new song/ release. Enu e ti fe indeed i.e. You live above your means. Sure this fraudster friend won’t go down alone. We now know your friend uncle Dino.

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