Liverpool are Champions of England

By Preye Campbell

Whether the red half of Merseyside wants to admit it or not, the name ‘Chelsea’ will always be engraved in their history.

Of course we know about a certain ‘Slippy G’ moment in the 2013/2014 season, which surprisingly came against Chelsea. It was the last time Liverpool were just 90 minutes of football action away from breaking a Premier League curse. It didn’t happen.

But here we are. This is 2020. Again, Chelsea are the ultimate characters in the plot, with the victim this time being Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

Chelsea, once again the catalyst, sending Merseyside into an electric atmosphere with laughter and tears and cheers as Liverpool finally defied every odd to become Premier League champions.

It is a moment that will never be forgotten in Liverpool’s rich history. And one Jurgen Klopp will not forget as well.

The German tactician arrived in 2015, tasked to lead a depleted Anfield side. Certainly, nobody gave him that chance.

The tag ‘underdog’ couldn’t be truer. Four years after, he conquered Europe. A year after that, he has conquered England.

And yes, in such spectacular fashion!

With the commanding displays, state of the art attack, a disciplined defence and goals brewing from all sides of the field, it was only a matter of when and not if Anfield will return to glory.

Maybe it did not happen in a way they would have loved but at the moment, nobody at Anfield cares. It is all too sweet to savour.

England has now produced a different kind of Red in the last three decades.

If one follows Klopp’s trajectory at Liverpool, one would remember he said these words; “We have to change from doubters to believers.”

Highly impossible then, giving the team’s mediocre situation at the time.

But, after the night’s game at Stamford Bridge, Klopp is saying this in 2020; “Tell the world We are Liverpool, champions of England’.

And rightly so. This is Liverpool. Champions of England.