Ferdi Moolman, the MTN Nigeria CEO said that the network had provided 3.71 billion free Short Message Service (SMS) for its subscribers nationwide.

Moolman said the initiative was implemented to ensure that all MTN’s customers were be able to access loved ones, support systems and information, during the lockdown .

The free service will end this month..

“As of June 19, 2020, the network has provided 3.71 billion free SMS to no fewer than 51 million subscribers across every state of the Nigerian Federation.

“This means 75 per cent of all subscribers have now utilised the service during the pandemic.

“Having entered the third and final month of this service, I am hugely encouraged that so many people nation-wide have made use of the service.

“The three billion-plus text messages sent so far reflects the importance of communication during times like this, especially for the most vulnerable amongst us.

“I am grateful to our government and regulators, partners and employees for the roles they have played in making the delivery of this service possible, and encourage our subscribers to continue to make use of it until the end of June,” Moolman said.