Nigerians in Ghana protest outside the Nigerian High Commission in Accra

Nigerians living in Ghana have protested the Friday night demolition of two structures inside the premises of the Nigerian High Commission in Accra.

According to Ghanaweb, scores of Nigerian trader gathered at the Nigerian High Commission for the protest.

But they were not allowed to enter the premises by Ghanaian policemen now on guard.

The demolished structures were meant to house staff and visiting Nigerian diplomats.

The structure was pulled down by a yet-to-be identified businessman, who was accompanied to the premises by security personnel.

The Nigerians began the protest on Sunday.

On Monday morning, some Nigerian traders also joined in the protest.

The traders were already aggrieved after their shops were closed down by the Ghana Union of Traders Association some 8 months ago.

They said the demolition of the High Commission buildings was the height of the unfair treatment Nigerians by Ghanaians.

They carried placards with several inscriptions to drive home their message, Ghanaweb reported.

‘We condemn the demolition of our staff building in Ghana’; ‘Nigerians’ shops locked up in circle Accra 8 good months’; ‘Nigerians can no longer breath in Ghana’ are some of the inscriptions on the cards.

Personnel from the Ghana Police Service, stationed at the entrance of the residence, refused to allow either the media or protestors into the premises.