China’s Clover BioPharmaceuticals begins coronavirus vaccine testing in humans

China’s Clover Biopharmaceuticals has begun early-stage testing in humans of a potential coronavirus vaccine.

It is the sixth experimental COVID-19 vaccine from China.

The Clover vaccine is being developed using GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccine booster.

Initial safety data from the trial is expected in August this year, Clover said on Friday.

The trial is enrolling about 150 adults.

It is also investigating the vaccine in combination with Dynavax’s adjuvant.

At the moment, there are no approved vaccines or treatments for the illness caused by the new coronavirus.

But about a dozen vaccines are being trialled globally by drugmakers.

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It is a scramble of sort by both the drugmakers and governments looking for a silver bullet to combat the health crisis.

China accounts for almost half of the clinical trials testing COVID-19 vaccines.

The other Chinese candidates are CanSino Biological, Sinopharm and the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products.