Laura Ikeji & hubby Ogbonna Kanu

By Jennifer Okundia

Celebrity couple Ogbonna Kanu and his Instagram sensation wife Laura Ikeji are couple goals for their fans who love them together any time any day.

The mum of two and beauty influencer took to social media to share a before and after both and the difference between then and now is huge.

Ogbonna and Laura got married in a traditional wedding in 2017 and they have two kids together. Read Ikej’s caption here:

WTF!!!! 😭😭😆😆 pls caption Cos I can’t 😌 cc @ogbobekee1

Laura Ikeji is the author of ‘How To Make Money On Instagram’ a book where she chronicles her journey to fame and how social media is a tool for making cool cash if you know how.

The ceo of clothing store ‘The Gang’ and entrepreneur has 2 million plus fans on Instagram, owing to her consistency, hard work and dedication to her craft.