APC lied, we issued only one certificate to Obaseki – UI

Godwin Obaseki
Godwin Obaseki

One of the reasons cited for the disqualification of Godwin Obaseki from APC’s June 22 governorship primary in Edo State was that the University of Ibadan awarded him two certificates with separate dates.

However, the University of Ibadan debunked the claim on Sunday.

APC Screening Appeal Committee led by Abubakar Fari, on Saturday, had corroborated the report of the screening committee by stating that “It is inconceivable that the same University will award two certificates with separate dates for the same graduate.

Presenting its report to the National Working Committee headed by National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, Fari added that “We also find it difficult to vouch for the authenticity of his National Youth Service Corps certificate, there is no indication as to where he served. We find that he should be disqualified.”

Oshiomhole in his response, however, commended the chairman and members of the appeal committee for doing a “meticulous” job.

He said “It appears you were extremely meticulous to details and you justified ours – not in terms of your findings but in terms of what you were able to amplify. That you have an eye for very important details.

“We are happy you were able to finish this work timeously. This is the final appeal level, what is left now is the NWC will meet and take a decision one way or the other.”

However, UI Registrar, Olubunmi Faluyi, on Sunday restated that Obaseki graduated from the institution in 1979.

Faluyi said the institution’s stand remained as contained in an earlier statement that “Obaseki gained admission to the University in 1976 and graduated in 1979 with a Second Class Honours, Lower Division. Records of his Admission and Graduation are intact in the archives of the University.”

In the same vein, the varsity’s Director of Public Communications, Olatunji Oladejo, said the claim by the APC was false.

He said “We stand by our statement on Obaseki. How can you issue two certificates to a candidate? That is not true. It is not possible. He graduated in 1979 from the university. We issued only one certificate to him, not two.”


  1. Everyone of you just ranting here are just displaying your open ignorance of Nigeria system. Untill Nigeria has a good data base system, this issue of certificate or affidavit errors will not end.
    Looking at this issue from the eye of UI, I dont think the University Registrar will fold its arm to see all these USELESS politicians soil their name and institutions they have passed through or heading its administration. Knowing fully that all Nigerian politicians are beautiful liars

  2. I think UI should just stay clear of the on going drama in Edo state. Let Obaseki cleared himself of the accusations, the management of UI can only respond to any official enquires by any government agencies of political parties. Presenting two different dates certificates either by affidavit or otherwise is solely the responsibility of Obaseki and he alone should face the task of clearing the mess he created.

  3. The useless University of Ibadan idiots that are responding should tell Nigerians whose interest they are protecting because nobody wrote to them to verify any result. Tell Nigerians how he gained admission with 3 credits and not the useless ranting

    • So the institution should keep quiet and allow the false report that it issued two different certificate to it’s student.

  4. Why should UI go into politics where they are not familiar? He presented two different certificate dates. One is by affidavit and the other by attaching your certificate. Maybe an error but is a costly one.
    UI should keep quiet, let them deal with him to humble him. He is arrogant without knowing that the worst fight is a fight with your friend. He was a friend of oshimole and oshimole has his secrets.
    He is finished . See he even made second class lower division. He was not bright even.
    Such a class should not be allowed to rule a state.

    • Let assume Obaseki did not go to school but he has done everything well in the state. I believe the people taking side with Oshiomohle are those he is feeding. I am not in any party and don’t depend on any politician to survive. When Obaseki helped Oshiomohle to run Edo State Osh up mobile did not complain. Fools and looters.

    • O ya mi le nu o! It surprise me o! Is it not obaseki that provided to APC, an affidavit of University education for 1965 and later certificate of 1968?

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