Boko Haram, ISWAP kill over 60 in twin strikes in Monguno, Nganzai

File photo: Some victims of Boko Haram gunmen
File: Some of the victims of Boko Haram massacre left in Gubio village. Now they have attacked Monguno and Nganzai

Boko Haram militants and their allies in ISWAP have struck at two local councils in Borno, killing no fewer than 20 soldiers and 40 civilians.

Many people were also injured, reported Reuters, quoting residents and a civilian task force fighter.

The attacks, in the Monguno and Nganzai local government areas, came just days after militants killed 81 people in a raid on a village in Gubio LGA.

Two humanitarian workers and three residents told Reuters that militants armed with heavy weaponry including rocket launchers arrived in Monguno, a hub for international non-governmental organizations, at roughly 11 a.m. local time on Saturday.

They overran government forces, taking some casualties but killing at least 20 soldiers and roaming the area for three hours.

The sources said hundreds of civilians were injured in the crossfire, overwhelming the local hospital and forcing some of the injured to lay outside the facility awaiting help.

The sources said the militants also set fire to the local police station and burned down the United Nations’ humanitarian hub in the area.

However, a UN spokesperson said the facility sustained only light damage.

Fighters distributed letters to residents, in the local Hausa language, warning them not to work with the military, white Christian westerners or other “non-believers”.

Militants also entered Nganzai at about the same time on Saturday, according to two residents and one Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) fighter.

They arrived on motorcycles and in pickup trucks and killed more than 40 residents, the sources said.

Nigeria’s military spokesman did not answer calls for comment on the attacks.


  1. Civilians fight better than Nigeria Army. Just in the army for what they can get. They are not defending the nation.

    • It is not the fault of the army. It is the fault of polity politicians in government. Given the strength of Nigerian army. civilians should have been totally evacuated from some areas until such a time the military can defend them. But the APC government wanted to claim recovery of lands and prove superior to PDP, sent civilians back to areas military cant defend in all honesty. Nigerians should be prepared for more blood bath in the north. It is a case of winning the battle and losing the war.

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