Coronavirus (COVID-19) has continued to cause sleeplessness in U.S.

By Isa Isawade

No doubt, the United States of America has remained the worst hit by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has immersed the entire world in grief, consistently giving citizens sleepless nights.

The virus, which broke out late December in China’s city of Wuhan, has rapidly spread across the length and breadth of the world and killed hundreds of thousands of souls.

U.S, which has become the epicenter of the pandemic after it broke out in the country in January 2020 has enjoyed lesser sleep, and the hapless citizens are ready to give up anything to have their sleeps back, a research has revealed.

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A survey of of 1000 respondents conducted by ‘Sleep Standards‘ across the United States on how much would an American pay for a perfect night’s sleep during the COVID-19 Pandemic revealed that the average citizen of the country is ready to pay $328 just to have a perfect night’s sleep.

This amazing figure is a leap from about $306 an average American was willing to pay for a perfect night’s sleep before the pandemic.

The research also revealed that 37% of Americans would give up sex or porn for a year of perfect sleep, while 41% would give up social media.

40% are ready to give up alcohol, 39% would give up video games and 21.5% are ready to become a vegetarian for a year to have sleep.

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Americans, according to the study, only get 6.6 hours of sleep per night during the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to 7.2 hours before the outbreak.

As at June 10, the U.S. has recorded 2,066,401 COVID-19 cases and 115,130 deaths. Figure of patients who have recovered stands at 808,494 while 1,142,777 cases remain active.