Aurora Rosselli

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Despite the democratization of arts and leading campaigns aimed at fighting notions of sexism and promoting equality and fairness, there have been fewer women artists who managed to earn a breakthrough with their works.

In the international report on popular artists in the contemporary art market, women did not make it to the list of top 20. Even when it’s a known fact that women artists also have unique ways of showcasing their amazing works but the absence of great women artists and the recurrent problems of gender segregation in arts still persist.

However, despite the struggle for this equality and fairness, some women artists still managed to excel and applauded in public and tracked on Google searches.

Aurora Rosselli is one such artist who has given about 25 years of commendable presence as an artist. Rosselli’s professional attributes alongside an emphatic contemporary artist include photography, design, and content creation.

Born and raised in Italy, she began her education at the Liceo Artistico and where she could outpour her creative sense and potential into finding her art style. After that, she enrolled in the Accademia di Belle Arti in Catania.

It was the time at Accademia di Belle Arti in Catania where Rosselli formed a benchmark, one that is attributed to her success and popularity of her works. She quickly gained popularity in Italy and later on her artwork was displayed in exhibits across Europe and the US.

Rosselli did not have it smooth after leaving everything behind me in Italy and relocated to America but forged her strength in the most stringent circumstances when she stretched herself moving forward, despite everything and everyone.

“Moving in the US and leave everything behind me in Italy was not an easy decision, and I had to restart my life from the ground up. Once I decided what I wanted to do with my life, I can’t say it was all smooth sailing, but I moved through my goals pretty quickly,” she said in an interview.

Ever since migrating to the United States, Rosselli has embraced myriad opportunities on the doorstep of her professional career. It was the exposure to a free market that cherishes professionals with exuberant potential.
Finding your spot in a male-dominant sector.

After moving to the US, Rosselli who ambitious, courageous, with drive and willpower and lots of patience became a artist, photographer, designer, influencer, and business owner and began doing exhibits in Hollywood, NY, Miami, and eventually continued with Exhibits back home in Italy, Paris, Tel Aviv.

“ all happened very naturally, and once I started posting my work on IG, I started having brands reaching out, and my entire work shifted into where I am today,” she recollected.

The creative process is perhaps the most important act in any work of art. This internal work implies a very strong emotional charge that involves memories of the education received, the family, places, smells, images found at some point in life, music, etc.

Throughout history, some artists described their creative process from different emotions; the first and perhaps the most common is from depression, others from the perception of order, others under compulsive and schizophrenic sensations, some under the influence of drugs and alcohol or from the exploration of sex, charged with curiosity and eroticism.

According to Rosselli, “Whatever the emotion with which it is produced, the truth is that with the reflection and union between memories and visual associations, the artist can understand their work and themselves, endowing it with strength and originality.

“Perhaps that is why the disciplines that are understood as art are the preferred expressions of man since their qualities allow freedom, security, passion, concentration, love, etc., feelings that every artist seeks to satisfy throughout their life.”

Rosselli’s biggest highlight of her career was having her work displayed in Time Square billboards and being a part of a digital exhibit at the Louvre and Scope in Miami. She has also conducted iconic exhibitions.

“As an artist, those are some significant milestones, and I never thought I would reach that level so quickly once I started working on my photography.”

According to Rosselli, women creatives have managed to break in the sector with their works and had it more difficult than their male counterparts, adding that more women artists need to be given opportunities for success in the sector of arts, culture, and motion picture which is well dominated by males since its existence in time.

Views of women artists lacking the benchmark of creative potential are baseless and have patriarchal roots. Creativity has no relation to gender, and all bias is subjective notions fueled by prejudice.

Rosselli also believes more platforms and organizations should surface, tailored especially at promoting women artists and their work.

Rosselli, who is one of the most effective artists of modern times whose creative prowess continues to be acknowledged in all centers of arts around the world, vows to continue to define her artistic expression with an incessantly refined creative approach.

Rosselli is also a successful actress and reality star who had featured in one of America’s leading reality shows, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.

She has also appeared as a guest actress in many movies and TV series including Hyperdrive, The Hills, Life of Kylie, The Girls Next Door, and many fashion shows.