Olayinka Lawal & Kunle Poly

Nollywood actress Olayinka Lawal has revealed she married a popular transport union boss, Kunle Poly, because of his good personality and not because of money.

Olayinka made this known in an interview with ADENIYI ADEWOYIN.

Below is what she said when asked why she married Kunle Poly:

That’s an ongoing question that I don’t think forever and ever I’m going to stop answering that question, I have said it in a lot of interviews and I’m going to repeat it again Kunle Poly is a person I’m going to give a title that “don’t judge a book by its cover” before I met him, I have never heard of Kunle Poly we just hooked up, we started as friends.

We were friends for a couple of years and you know I had a lot of people coming to tell me a lot of things about him that he is this, what are you doing there, don’t even let people know that you are dating. Moving close to him I realized he is not the kind of person people portrayed him to be. A lot of people come to me and be like your husband is this and I’m like call his number know the kind of person he is, come back and tell me who he is. Kunle is a very playful person, I’m playful too but his playfulness is beyond me, he has a good personality, his level of respect is high and he is a role model. I have learned a lot from him.

When asked if she had ever been endangered staying with him, she said:

“Never, I’m saying it before God and man and I’m saying it with the six feet I’m going to sleep in when death comes, I have never encountered that with this guy, he is just as sweet as chocolate. We are not perfect, there are ups and downs, the normal argument that happens between couples is the same with us which is normal, you know women don’t agree sometimes and have a little psycho so other than that I have never encountered any endangerment with him, I have not even seen him with a gun and for years he doesn’t know I tried to trail him and see if I will see something like that at least just a little traces but I haven’t seen any, there is no sort of endangerment at all.”

When asked on her ideology with Kunle Poly’s kind of work, she said:

I think the present union is way different from the past, I said it in one of my videos back in the days nobody wanted to associate with them talk-less of marrying them or even going closer to them but in this era, they are well oriented, they are all responsible fathers, they know the do’s and don’t of this job, they have brought social life, they’ve brought patience at least I have been in a couple of their meetings you know educating their members on how to be calm with people.

I also watched one of MC Musiliu’s interview saying that there is not going to be any form of violence which people know them for, that there won’t be anything of such in this era like they have a way of testing a driver to know if he had taken alcohol, you know a driver shouldn’t be driving under the influence of alcohol. So I think their era is different from how it used to be, they have created room for improvement.