For Illustration: Rape

By Michael Adeshina

Rape – The mention of it brings out an awkward reaction from every reasonable being.

But as unreasonable as it feels and should be, it has become a commodity at the corners of many streets, in communities, in churches and the society at large.

It’s always a delicate issue. Every of its path is slippery, for the accusers, the accused, including commentators. 
The victims carry the burden for years. Same as the accused in saner climes.

Most of the accused are already condemned in the court of commentators.

A breeze of such accusation has sent lots of impressive careers into darkness.

However, some Nigerian celebrities have found themselves in the waters of such accusations.

For some, it was the end, while some managed to swim to the other side of justice or let the accusation fade out. 

Below are some top personalities in Nigeria accused of rape:


1. Abass Akande.

The news of the arrest of popular Fuji musician, Abass Akande, in March 2014, took Nigerians by storm.

He was arrested after a lady identified as Miss Olanike Olaiya accused him of rape.

The lady said the act took place in Akande’s Okota residence, Lagos.

For Akande, it was consensual but Olanike insisted it was rape.

She said she visited the musician for help and was raped in the process.

However, in April 2015, Lagos Police declared Abass Akande innocent.

Ngozi Braide, Lagos Police PRO in 2015, described Nike as a blackmailer and an extortionist.

Ngozi said Olanike fabricated the report.

However, the case was dropped as Nike was nowhere to be found.

2: Godwin Okpara: 

Godwin Okpara.

The former Nigerian defender’s case was difficult to take. He was found guilty of sleeping with his own adopted daughter.

He was part of the Nigeria squads that participated in the 1998 FIFA World Cup, 2000 Africa Cup of Nations, and the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Okpara was outstanding at the 1989 U-17 World Championship.

According to BBC, the adopted daughter had arrived in France as a young girl in 2000 after Opara moved to the country to play for RC Strasbourg and Paris Saint-Germain.

Okpara admitted to having sex with the adopted daughter, then 13, on one occasion in 2005. But he said it was at her instigation.

The daughter testified in court that it was after discovering the pair together that Linda Okpara, 42, began mistreating her – torturing her and subjecting her to cruel sexual acts.

However, he was arrested in August 2005, found guilty in 2007 and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Okpara’s wife, Linda Okpara, was sentenced to 15 years in jail for the torture of the same girl.

3. African China:

African China.

According to a report by Pulse Ng, the Nigerian artiste, known as African China was accused of rape when he was in London for a show.

For African China, the accusation came from a white lady.

He only agreed they slept in the same room and claimed the lady was drunk and couldn’t go home to avoid her mom’s wrath.

He said the lady left with thanks only for her friends to report a rape case to the police.

4. Timaya:



“Everybody calls him Timaya” and he was definitely “getting higher” as one of his songs stated, but things almost took a deadly turn when Sheila B came out in 2015 to accuse him of rape.

Sheila, an upcoming artist based in Atlanta, America, really came hard on Timaya.

She opened a social media account where she detailed a lot on what had transpired between them. 

However, Timaya came out with his own narrative. It was “consensual Sex” according to the Port Harcourt man.

The saga raised a lot of eyebrows but he pulled through.

5. Pastor Fatoyinbo:


The accusation against the “Gucci Pastor” will be remembered for years.

At this point, it was a case of well-known personalities against themselves. A lot of people had to take sides.

Some went for the wife of popular soul musician Timi Dakolo known as Busola while some queue behind the “swagger man”

Prior to Busola’s accusation, a lady had alleged she had ‘consensual sex’ with Fatoyinbo. So, When Busola came out in June 2019, for some, it was a case of “Gucci Pastor, You again?”

According to Busola, the flamboyant Abuja pastor committed the crime in 2002. However, Busola was not the end. Other ladies also came out to shout rape accusations but the Lagos-based photographer’s accusation gathered more attention.

However, the case took another dimension in November 2019. The accuser became the accused.

A Federal High Court in Abuja dismissed the rape suit against the Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA).

The court ruled that the case lacked substance. In fact, the court awarded a cost of N1,000,000 against the plaintiff.  

6. Pastor T.B Joshua:

Prophet T.B. Joshua

The name T.B Joshua comes with loads of positive and controversial news but none was rape till a particular woman showed up in July 2019.

T.B Joshua was accused of rape by a woman identified as  Bisola Johnson.

She also alleged that the popular cleric held her captive for 14 years.

She made the claim on June 30 when she took part in a protest against Fatoyinbo who had been accused of rape by  Busola Dakolo.

However, T.B Joshua’s representatives claimed the woman has been unstable for many years. They also urged the public to disregard her claims saying it lacks credibility.

7. MC Galaxy:

MC Galaxy

MC Galaxy

This is one of the cases that keep one wondering where some people emanated from.

Upcoming actress and singer, Simbee Davis, accused MC Galaxy of rape during the heat of Busola Dakolo’s revelation against Fatoyinbo.

She claimed MC Galaxy raped her in 2010 but later came out to debunk her own claim. She said it was a joke.

According to her, she needed a rape accusation to “blow”(become known).


Daffy Blanco and Peruzzi

Yes, Davido’s boy, Perruzi is also in the mix.

He was accused by a UK-based singer, Daffy Blanc.

She took to her social media to narrate a terrible night she allegedly had with the singer where he attempted to rape her.

Daffy Blanc also shared what she described as evidence but deleted later.

However, that was the last heard about the allegation. 

9. Brymo:



For music lovers, the name Brymo means “good music” but there is nothing good coming from his camp lately in terms of controversies.

A few weeks ago, a Twitter user accused the “Yellow” artist of being a rapist.

The Twitter user shared conservations with an alleged victim of Brymo.

According to the tweet, a female fan paid him a visit in the company of another friend at his residence when he raped her.

After the Twitter user made the claims, several other ladies took to Twitter accusing him of sexual assault.

However, Brymo finally responded days later. He said the allegations against him were false.

He boastfully called his accusers to come forward.

According to him, the Lagos State government is in touch with his management and a full-scale investigation has been launched.
10: Bollylomo:

Brymo and Bollylomo

Brymo and Bollylomo

Nollywood actor Gbolahan Olatunde better known as Bollylomo was also compelled to react in May 2020.

He was accused of rape alongside Brymo.

After accusing Byrymo, a Twitter user also shared several messages she received in her DM saying Bollylomo too had raped several ladies and his victims will speak up when they are ready.

Bollylomo, however, described the accusations as false.

His statement reads in part; “Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

A Twitter user yesterday, came out to falsely accuse me of sexual assault/rape and has proceeded to make several false, derogatory and defamatory statements against my person.

This is not an allegation I take lightly and as such, I have contacted my lawyers and given them a full brief on the issue, hence the reason for my delayed response in addressing these false allegations.

While I do not wish to further fuel this flagrant falsehood, as this is not the first time these kinds of allegations of rape/sexual assault have been leveled against my person which I didn’t address as it was an unsubstantiated attempt to smear my name.

Considering the severity of these allegations, I deem it pertinent to state that I, Gbolahan Olatunde aka “Bollylomo”, categorically deny these allegations and state that I have never raped any person.

I would like to indulge the accusers to come forward, make formal reports through the appropriate channels. Any further attempt to the smarmy person with these allegations will be met with the full weight of the law.

To everyone else, I thank you for your continuous support as always.”

Hmmm. So far, it’s curtains down on the allegation against Bollylomo.

Make your suggestions on dealing with Rape

With all that has been stated, how should government checkmate rape and false accusations?

Don’t keep quiet!