Senator Ed Markey: calls Trump scum

Democratic Senator Ed Markey has described U.S. President Trump as scum, “fuelling” racism and hatred in America amid protests over the death of George Floyd.

Markey delivered the jab on Monday in a tweet.

“Donald trump is scum for fuelling racist hate and violence in our country”, the senator wrote.

In another tweet, he called Trump a liar and a racist who behaves like a dictator.

“He just tear gassed protesters for a photo op, endangering their health during a global pandemic. He must be stopped and we must stand with all those fighting for racial justice.”

His tweet is among some of the harshest criticism from Congress that Trump has taken thus far.

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On Tuesday Markey doubled down and called Trump a liar.

He also lambasted Trump for making Washington D.C. look like a war zone.

“Donald Trump is making D.C. look like a war zone. Not to restore order, but as a show of force to try to crush the will of the people who are fighting for racial justice.

“I stand in solidarity with the protestors in D.C. and across the country who will not be intimidated.”

Many Americans have criticised Trump over his attitude since protests began over the death of Floyd, an unarmed black man.

Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis while handcuffed.

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An officer, who was later fired and charged with murder, was seen on video of the arrest with his knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes as Floyd pleads for help, saying “I can’t breathe’.

His last words have resonated across America and the world, provoking demos in many cities.