I can’t help you: Embattled Obaseki leaves Tinubu empty-handed

Tinubu, Obaseki, Oshiomhole
Tinubu, Obaseki, Oshiomhole

Embattled Governor Godwin Obaseki finally met his party’s national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in Lagos on Sunday. But Obaseki returned to Benin empty-handed.

Tinubu had nothing but a shattering news for Obaseki. He could not save him from his godfather, Adams Oshiomhole, charging with a political cudgel.

Rather, Tinubu advised Obaseki to go out there to test his popularity in the party’s direct primary scheduled for 22 June.

Tinubu gave the same advice to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo state as the two governors and seven others met at a parley.

The meeting was hosted at the Lagos House Marina by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Also at the meeting were governors Atiku Bagudu, Simon Lalong (Plateau), Abdullahi Ganduje (Kano), Mai Buni(Yobe), Adegboyega Oyetola(Osun), Abubakar Bello(Niger) and Babajide Sanwo-Olu (Lagos), who was the host.

At the meeting Tinubu reportedly described democratic primary as a core element of internal democracy should not be jettisoned.

A source at the meeting held at the State House, Marina, Lagos, said Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos, emphasised the importance of primary to democracy, admonishing party leaders to safeguard it in the preparation for the choice of standard bearers.

The Progressives Governors’s Forum, led by Kebbi State Governor Atiku Bagudu, unfolded plans last week to mount pressure on President Muhammadu Buhari to support their push for right of first refusal to two of their colleagues, Akeredolu and Obaseki, for the governorship tickets.

The polls will hold in Edo in September and Ondo in October. No fewer than 10 chieftains are competing for the ticket in Ondo APC with Akeredolu, who is seeking a second term.

In Edo, other contenders have stepped down for Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, who is challenging Obaseki at the shadow poll. The Edo governor is also seeking re-election.

Last week, National Working Committee (NWC) announced that direct primary will be adopted for the Edo APC shadow poll.

According to the source, Imo State Governor Hope Uzodimma could not make it due to undisclosed reasons.

The governors, who appeared to be in one accord, wanted the party to be fair to their two colleagues, who they said, should not be muscled out.

Specifically, the governors wanted Tinubu to prevail on the party leadership to give Obaseki the right of first refusal, the source said.

However, Tinubu went to the meeting with the position that it is better, more democratic, constitutionally right and politically defensible that all aspirants should go for primaries to test their popularity.

He added that through free and fair selection process, the ruling party will successfully build a strong democratic culture.

Tinubu, the source said, urged the governors to support the guidelines released by the NWC, maintaining that they are in the interest of the party.

Although some of the governors revisited the acrimony and controversy generated by the contrasting perspectives on the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole leadership, which they acknowledged as a battle within battles, Tinubu pointed out that it was normal in political life.

Besides, according to the source, the party stalwart counselled that since the conflict had been resolved, stakeholders should put the past behind them and forge ahead in harmony.

The source said Asiwaju Tinubu reiterated his belief in fairness to the incumbent governors and other interested governorship aspirants in the two states.

“Asiwaju also said he believed in the direct primary. His argument was that the direct primary will boost the confidence of the flag bearer as he prepares for the main governorship election.”

“Asiwaju Tinubu may have intervened in this sensitive nomination matter with a benefit of hindsight because as he rightly pointed out, direct primary produced Oyetola as Osun APC candidate and Babajide Sanwo-Olu as flag bearer in Lagos State.

“Besides, I think Asiwaju Tinubu is of the opinion that where there are more than one contender, primary should be adopted to foster equity, fairness and justice.”

After the meeting, Sanwo-Olu took the governors to see the photo exhibition of his activities in the last one year.

Reported by The Nation


  1. In every human life’s journey there is a GOD father fingers. Once u bite that finger you are gone.

  2. We are all aware that direct primary should be the best in a free and corrupt society. But why should Oshiomhole insists on it at this time if not to disadvantage and hurt Obaseki? When Oshiomhole ran for his second terms as the governor of Edo State, indirect primary was adopted. This time, after Oshiomhole has granted a waiver to Ize-Iyamu, wants direct primary. If direct primary is to be adopted, then Oshiomhole should recuse himself because he cannot by the referee and at the same time the judge. Obaseki is popular with the Edos because he has performed tremendously for the State. He was lavishly praised by Oshiomhole as having outperformed him as the State governor during his first term. Oshiomhole fell out with Obaseki because Oshiomhole wanted to continue to have his say in the government of Obaseki because Oshiomhole believes he made Obaseki governor. True, Oshiomhole brought Obaseki to run bypassing his deputy governor of 8 years. At first the Edo were hesitant of Obaseki who least unknown at that time. But with the accolade of praise by Oshiomhole, the Edos decided to try Obaseki. The Edo were glad they made the right choice because Obaseki turned out better than Oshiomhole. Now all of a sudden, Oshiomhole fell out with Obaseki because the faction loyal to Oshiomhole claimed that they brought Obaseki to power and that Obaseki has failed to reward them. REWARD them by handling out envelope of money. Evidences have shown that the local governments now haul in more money for development because Obaseki has plugged all avenue of waste. This is what they are fighting Obaseki for and they have chosen Oshiomhole as their avenue of redress.

  3. What will be we be, all of u that are castigating Obaseki by the development against godfatherism, your children will pay for it, the godfather ate mortgaging the future of your children and you are happy with it, both Ambode and Obaseki have break the record posterity will gouge godfather

  4. I think Asiwaju Tinubu is of the opinion that where there are more than one contender, primary should be adopted to foster equity, fairness and justice.”

    Nothing bad in what Asiwaju Tinubu has said. By the way; is it a must for our governors to go twice? perhaps we have other people who can as well serve us better.

    • Thank you very much for that salient question “…is it a must for our governors to go twice?”… Experience has shown that their second term is always characterized with emperor style of leadership. If Obaseki is granted the ticket certainly the state would be hell for Oshiomole and his people. Lagos and Osun used Direct Primaries to elect their Governors, that’s why all the contenders rallied round the winner to win the State elections. If Obaseki is popular as he is making us believe why is he afraid of Direct primary?

  5. If direct primary will be fair and free, everyone will embrace it but it is never free and fair in Nigeria and that is why the Govermor is afraid. The two Governors should consider plan B if they have. Going to Tinubu to convince Oshiomole was a wrong step and a desperate move.

  6. In my own opinion, the two governors should confess their sins to God almighty for forgiveness and after put themselves together and face the primary election with boldness. Also, in anyway they have wronged their godfathers they should just seek for their forgiveness. That’s all.

  7. I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but as of yesterday, I know and believe there are still godfathers in The Nigerian Political System. Godwin Obaseki can explain better how it works. I wish Godwin Obaseki and Rotimi Akeredolu the best of luck.

  8. These Governors should keep their loots for life after the Government house.This is a replay of Governor Ambode’s exit from Office .Don’t go visiting any cleric or talisman.What God will do,he will do before all them religious people open shop for una head

  9. Nigerians are @ lose here, if you serve your people and fail to service godfather they work against you and bring in a toy boy as governor.


  10. If Obaseki is popular, why is he afraid of primaries? I know right from inception that he is not a Democrat, especially the way he treated those house of assembly guys. The day of recorning is here,face the consequences of lack of political experience and greed.

    • My dear brother, it is not about popularity but God fatherism. I have interacted with some folks of Edo origin both in and outside Nigeria and I can tell you authoritatively that they are all for Obaseki but we still remember what happened to Ambode, the immediate past gov of Lagos. How the owner of Lagos State gave a standing instruction that no one should vote for Ambode. In fact, it was so terrible that no one had the courage to stand in the queue for the incumbent gov just for fear of loosing face with the Asiwaju.
      Same thing is at play in Edo state. Obaseki will never win the primary conducted by Oshomole and Tinubu. Period!

  11. Learn to respect the finger that once fed your ravaging appetite. And again always remember that all politics are local. We all need a true leader like Asiwaju if we desire that future we long for ourselves and generations yet unborn.

  12. I commend Asiwaju Bola Tinubu for being objective by not taking sides. He has demonstrated the quality of a democrat. Let democracy take its course.
    Dokun Obisesan

  13. Why should the incumbent governor be afraid of primary election if he or she has done well? Being a governor is not just administrative or performance as they do say. It is political. When you are appointed and elected you must be able to carry your people along. Not that when you get there you being to operation like a bull that has lost control and when it is time for reelection you begin to run from pillar to post. In case of Edo how will the governor now pacify the elected honorables that he refused to swear in since they have being elected?

    • For the ordinary people in Edo State, majority are proud of Obaseki’s efforts in developing the State. From the record, Adam Oshomoleh jettisoned Godfathers and he performed. Obaseki jettisoned Godfathers and equally performed. Therefore the servicing of Godfathers is a major hindrance to development. You can only be popular among party leaders if you give them state fund to share. That way you will be unpopular among voters. I support Obaseki.

  14. Why will Buhari help Obaseki? Did Obaseki help Buhari in his re-election? Buhari lost Ondo and Edo states to Atiku.

  15. Tinubu is the man of the people, good talk for those that want to listening, i support him intoto, because if there is no direct primary, there will never be election. I believe Gov. Obaseki had offended the people that voted him in the first term in office and cannot win this battle,

  16. Honestly I am against going to Buhari and Tinubu because it is very glaring that both of them are in cahoot with Oshiomhole and they won’t go against him as he too wouldn’t go against anything the two men say or do.
    It’s a trend that had been in place since Oshiomhole became APC chairman, sort of rub my back and I will rub your back!
    There is always a solution to every problem and if the party trio won’t budge I think both Obaseki and Akeredolu should be gearing up and weighing options and alternatives open to them by now if they don’t want Ambode’s Lagos story repeated in Ondo and Edo states.

    • The two governors should learn from Ambode,,you better borrow yourself brain.but for the leaders hmmmm,presidential election is coming.

  17. No Obaseki, APC should not be voted for. Let us go back to PDP. Tinubu is a old fool and a corrupt man.

    • Your case is pathetic, who brought obaseki to politics. It’s people like you that worship him and out him in this frustration

    • Na Jagaban u dey call old fool….your father nah old fool….I wish I know u face to face…..Am not a politician o….nd I don’t know any of them…..nah Yoruba leader u dey call fool….God punish your generation……U don’t av respect for elders …no wonder u are Osaghae…..

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