Uwa and Tina have been victims of injustice in the past week. 

By Preye Campbell

And that was how we woke up to another sad tale!

It has been a long week, in all seriousness. While still battling the ungodly Coronavirus pandemic, we have been further hit with a good dose of gory stories home and abroad.

To take effect, towns and cities have rioted, properties have been destroyed and ‘tongues’ have waggled on social media. Yet, evil continues to walk on our streets.

It’s a delicate 21st century we are in. We keep hearing stories that brew an underworld nature on God’s green Earth.

If not, how do you explain the latest narrative; a girl raped and murdered in a church? There may have been several of such cases in time past but this is equally unpleasant.

Nigeria-like the rest of the world- is in a state of disarray. The virus has dribbled past the defence of our economy, leaving our wallets in shreds. Our social lives have also been affected. And while we continue to battle this menace, need I hammer on the importance of keeping our sanity in check?

It seems as though the concept behind justice has been thoroughly toyed with in this past week. Maybe that is why these gory tales will continue. Maybe it is why we will continue to scream justice yet watch oppression rule.

This society, our society, must start to act a little bit more to combat these terrible crimes, lest we continue to sink in this terrible mess.

The last thing we need is a societal malady.