Trump campaign says Trump is a bull in a China shop

By Abankula

The Trump campaign in a video uploaded Thursday on Twitter celebrated President Trump as ”a bull in a China shop”. `

The 30 second video had been watched over one million times by 7p.m Washington Time.

President Trump, also called ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ in the campaign advert is also the tough guy changing Washington.

“It takes a Donald Trump to demand truth from China, shut down foreign travel..”, etc, the voice-over says.

But we wonder if the advert approved by Trump was properly grammar-checked before it was published.

“A bull in a china shop is a person who breaks things or who often makes mistakes or causes damage in situations that require careful thinking or behaviour”.

Another meaning says: Like a bull in a china shop means behaving in a clumsy manner, behaving in a reckless manner, rushing head-long into a situation without forethought.

Is that truly the image the campaigners want to give Candidate Trump?

Watch the video: