George Floyd: murdered by Minneapolis Police

By Preye Campbell

There is a virus in the United States of America at the moment called Racism, the route of which we have been through before.

In fact, you don’t get to talk about USA without the bitter, provocative mention of that word- Racism. This is the real virus without a cure.

In light of the latest chapter on racism, I opine it is best we remember the use of the word Chauvinism.

No, it doesn’t just flow with the present episode’s character. Chauvinism simply means the unwarranted bias, favoritism, or devotion to one’s own particular group, cause, or idea.

Is it me or do I see something similar with the verdict that has been given on the George Floyd murder?

We have seen it all. First class evidence, haven’t we? There is a video to show it all.

Yet, what we get is a third class degree murder verdict. If you ask me, I will call that a first-class bias.

We can never outgrow racism, can we? It is why Barrack Obama called it the ‘normal’ when addressing this present issue. I only felt that the stories of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, both long gone, would have taught us a thing or two.

The matter is still very much in the air, people are keen on the next developments. So, while we wait, let us continue to talk to the man in the mirror and ask him to change his ways.

As it is, America has got two problems on her hands: COVID-19 and Racism.