Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has lashed out at teachers who flogged pupils for speaking their local languages in schools.

He said back then, some teachers flogged them for speaking their own language in school.

He wrote on his twitter page: “To think that some of our teachers flogged us back then in school for speaking our language.

“Calling it vernacular. Can you imagine? You speak your own language you get flogged.

“All those teachers should be ashamed of themselves. Oyibo people really messed up our brains.”

Edochie added that teaching a child English, French, German and other languages was good since no knowledge was wasted.

He said flogging a child for speaking his or her own language was totally unacceptable, urging teachers to teach the pupils to appreciate their own language.

“Teach a child English, French, German, etc, that’s very good. No knowledge is ever a waste.

“But flogging a child for speaking his or her own language is totally unacceptable. Teach them to appreciate their own.

“Don’t treat them like wild animals for speaking their language,” he added.