Actress Anuchamba

Actress Anuchamba

Nollywood actress and producer, Anuchamba of Anuchamba Studios is devasted after her mother died from cardiac arrest.

According to a post on her Instagram page, her mother died in the early hours of Wednesday.

The actress disclosed that her late mum was a nice and strong woman. She added that her mum was the pillar of the house and she cherished education so much.

Read all she said below;

“Thing to know about my my mother. She is a kind and marming heart person. She will make you feel free when you are around her and you will feel like you have know her for a long time.. She speaks multiple languages but are primarily is her soft hearted mind to caring about people in need of help. She is the most strong woman I ever knen .She survived a lot of strong challenges all her life hardships.

“She was the pillar in my families . She stood my brother’s and sister always. She wanted us to live the best life she never lived when she was young. Took us to the best possible schools she can possibly afford. She had 6 children and 8 grandchildren. She and my late dad was married almost 40 years and she stood by my father on the strongest challenge my Daddy had when he had a stroke dose time was very tough for her because she just burned her mother and her very closest brother and she never leave my father bed side till he died.

“She is the reason I’m who I am today. Today I celebrate you my mother my mentor you never properly enjoyed the fruit of your womb but it will never end their because am going to open a charity organisation with your name and my father name to serve people that are in need of help to give what I was supposed to give you Daddy and mummy with you names.

“I will produce a movie based on your true life story to inspire all fantastic mothers and people who’s mother’s are still alive to do more for their mothers love more to their mothers give more to their mothers. I am saying this with a heavy heart. I felt when my mother died part of me died but I have to be very strong to keep your legacy on”.