Josep Borrell

The European Union (EU) foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, has congratulated Israel on its formation of a new government.

It, however, warned that the EU would not support the annexation of any occupied Palestinian territory.

Israel’s new government was sworn in on Sunday, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing that the time had come to annex West Bank settlements pending U.S. approval.

According to the reports, PM Netanyahu will head the unity government with former rival Benny Gantz, to serve as “alternate prime minister”.

Borrell, in a statement released on Monday, said the EU “strongly urges” Israel to “refrain from any unilateral decision” that would lead to the annexation, which would be contrary to international law.

He added that the EU would not recognise any changes to the 1967 borders – an armistice agreement that served as Israel’s de facto borders between 1949 and 1967 – unless agreed by Israelis and Palestinians.

“The two-state solution, with Jerusalem as the future capital for both states, is the only way to ensure sustainable peace and stability in the region,” Borrell said.