Nani narrates Ferguson’s hairdryer treatment after he missed a penalty

File Photo: Ferguson and Nani

There have been plenty of stories on how Sir Alex Ferguson shouted angrily at Manchester United players whenever they underperform.

Ferguson had a successful coaching career at the club but was feared by many.

Ferguson’s hairdryer treatment was so intense that no Manchester United player would have wanted to be in his company for too long after a fiery outburst.

However, that’s exactly the fate that met former Manchester United winger Nani.

The attacker, during his UTD Podcast episode, explained his experience with Ferguson after he missed a penalty during a 2-2 away draw against Fulham, in August 2010.

He also offered to drop Sir Alex home, a decision he most likely regretted not long after.

“He was my neighbour and we used to go to London by train.

“His wife or his family used to leave him in the train station so on the way back he has no driver to take him, so he was looking for someone who lives close to him to give him a ride. I said: ‘OK boss, I’ll take you home!’ But that day, it’s so funny, believe me! The day I took him home was after a game against Fulham away.

“I was playing unbelievable with a lot of confidence. We won a penalty and it was Ryan Giggs who took the penalties. I felt confident and Giggs didn’t say anything. I took the penalty and I missed! The penalty should make it 3-2.”

“I drove him back home and he didn’t talk to me in the car! In the dressing room, he killed me! He said: ‘Nani, who do you think you are? Who gave you permission to take the penalty?’

“Then he killed Ryan Giggs… ’Ryan, why did you let him take the penalty!’ Ryan said, ‘He grabbed the ball and I let him.’ Oh my god, that day was incredible. I took him home and I feel very uncomfortable driving.”