Updated: Nigeria impounds aircraft of UK’s Flairjet

Hadi Sirika
Hadi Sirika
Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika

Nigeria has impounded an aircraft belonging to FlairJet, said to be a UK based aviation company.

The company’s plane was seized after it was found operating a commercial flight to Nigeria.

This contradicted the approval granted the airline to operate humanitarian flights.

Nigeria banned commercial flights in March as part of measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika, confirmed the seizure on his official twitter handle.

He said the crew of the flight are also being interrogated.

He promised maximum penalty for the offence.

Although Sirika named the rogue airline as Flair Aviation, James Oduadu, aviation ministry spokesman, clarified that the plane was operated by a company called FlairJet.

FlairJet, a British private charter company that is an affiliate of Flexjet, in a statement said the matter was an “evolving situation”.

“We are continuing to respectfully work with the Nigerian authorities to resolve this situation,” it said.


  1. Try Google.com. Journalism seems about the easiest job in the world “write” now. Just go print and post whatever you feel like slander and malicious included. My seven year old can do a better job researching his school projects

  2. You refer to a UK airline yet you post an image of an airline from Canada? Surely you are capable of better journalism, verification, and final editing than this. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  3. This is piss poor journalism. Wrong airline, wrong airline image. Inappropriately maligning an airline like this will open you to lawsuits

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