Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu agree to share premiership with Benny Gantz.

Israel’s new government is scheduled to be sworn in on Sunday after 18 months of leadership crisis.

After three inconclusive elections, a year and a half of political paralysis, and a last-minute three-day delay, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will share the premiership with his rival, Benny Gantz.

Netanyahu, of the center-right Likud party, will be the first to head the new government for a period of 18 months. Then former military chief Gantz, of the Blue and White Alliance, is supposed to take the reins in November 2021.

While Netanyahu is premier, Gantz is to serve as “alternate prime minister” – a new, specially created title – and defense minister.

The swearing-in, originally scheduled for Thursday, was postponed at the last minute to give Netanyahu more time to distribute portfolios amongst members of his own Likud party.

The leadership agreement saw Gantz break his long-time vow never to serve with the indicted Netanyahu. He said Israel needed a stable government to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.