My take on Gambari’s appointment as Buhari’s CoS – Fani-Kayode

Fani-Kayode and Gambari
Fani-Kayode and Gambari

Critic, Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to Prof. Ibrahim Gambari’s appointment as new Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to Fani-Kayode, with the appointment of Gambari as Chief of Staff, for the first time in the nation’s history, “we have a Fulani President and a Fulani Chief of Staff both serving a Fulani Govt. with a Fulani agenda.”

“This has never happened before and very soon the results will be self-evident. To make matters worse Gambari is himself a hardliner and he was Buhari’s Foreign Minister in 1984 when the latter was military Head of State. He served a tyrant and a dictator before and he is serving a tyrant and a dictator again.

“And he served not just any tyrant and dictator but Nigeria’s greatest military tyrant and dictator and now he is set to serve Nigeria’s greatest civilian tyrant and dictator,” he said.

Fani-Kayode went into memory lane how Alimi conquered Afonja and took over Ilorin to establish the Fulani dynasty.

Fani-Kayode said unlike his predecessor in office, the late Abba Kyari who was a Shuwa Arab, Gambari is a Fulani.

He said Gambari’s only interest throughout his distinguished career as a career diplomat was to do nothing but further and protect the interest and hegemonic agenda of the Caliphate in Nigeria.



    Before now, I had remain silent to all the irrational and lunatic comments of FFK on many prominent Nigerians. But now, he has jumped into a river he knows nothing about its depth i.e. History of Ilorin and the Appointment of Prof. Ibrahim Agboola Gambari.
    First, there wasn’t any Oba in Ilorin before the establishment of the Emirate in 1823/24. Although, Aare Afonja was the Generalissimo of the Oyo Empire and forth of his generation in Ilorin after Laderin, Pasin and Alugbin. It is a fact that the Oyo annexed Ilorin in the 17th century by Alaafin Ojigi to protect the Igbominas from the Nupes incursion. However, Ilorin had been in existence centuries before Oyo’s authority.
    Femi, your lack of historical facts made you say Aare Afonja rebelled against Oyo. Now, let me lecture you. The animosity started when Alaafin Aole became the King of the Oyo Empire. As it is the tradition to execute all Alaafin’s real or perceived enemies for his peaceful reign, King Aole was asked by his Chiefs the names of his enemies. The king first mentioned one Baale Apomu and the man was quickly killed. The Alaafin was asked further of the last person and he replied thus: “my last enemy is more formidable than me.” Surprised, the chiefs asked again, and the king said “Afonja in Ilorin.” All of them alarmed and scared; because Afonja was the most power man in the entire oyo empire. Aole and his chiefs later came up with a grand plan to execute Afonja; but the generalissimo’s spy quickly ran to Ilorin and briefed him. This was the beginning of the crisis that later frustrated the king and made him to commit suicide. But before his death, he curse the entire Yoruba race and Afonja. The Oyo Mesi and other generals declared war against Afonja and he sought the help of his friend, Salih Ibn Janta a.k.a. Alimi; and together they embarked on a defensive war against Oyo… end of class.
    FFK also demonstrated his historical naivety by saying Alimi killed Afonja and all his children. The class continues… Femi, the crisis that led to the death of Afonja was not between him and his friend, Alimi, but between Afonja and the slave soldiers who were rampaging the city after the wars. After the death of Alimi, there was a confrontation between Afonja and the slave soldiers which led to the death of the generalissimo. There are two points to be noted here my student. One, Alimi was no longer alive when the fight occurred between Afonja and the soldiers. Two, all Afonja’s children were not killed; and that is why there is a noble family of Magaji Aare in Ilorin till date.
    On the issue of Masu Jamba, it’s like Femi doesn’t know its historical origin before opening his stinking mouth to talk. The name was giving to Ilorin by the Ibadans who closed the only root to the coast against Ilorin during the Ilorin-Ibadan wars as economic blockage to force Ilorin to surrender. Instead, Ilorin formed an alliance with Ijaye to navigated Abekuta and down to Eko (the coast). When the Ibadans discovered, they said “Masu Jamba mani awon Ilorin yi.” The name was as a result of Ilorin’s higher thinking capacity and diplomacy and not as a result of betrayal.
    Now to the appointment of Prof. Ibrahim Agboola Gambari. Femi Fani-Kayode, you were talking about Islamisation and Fulanisation of Nigeria. Are you talking about the handwork of your election-rigging and selfish father who was a slave of the North during his lifetime? So, you are not insulting the global citizen, Prof. Gambari, but your late father. The demise of late CoS, Abba Kyari, left a vacuum in the government and the President exercised his power and appointed a trustworthy, competent and resourceful man in Prof. Gambari and you, once again, ignited your madness sense to talk evil about an international public servant and lecturer of highest repute who your father is not qualified to clean his shoes.
    Femi, I am not surprised because this your show of shame shows that you are not a bastard but a true son of your father. It was your father that taught you how not to be responsible and the trick of stilling from public treasury. Baba iya to bi omo buruku. When President Obasanjo thought he should future young people in his Administration and appointed you as the Minister of Aviation, what did you do? You stole the country dry plus the money laundry of 2015. I can’t wait to see justice been served on your corruption case in court. The country needs those monies to build hospitals and roads in your village.
    Femi, enough of your madness. If you need help, I can introduce you to a Counselor friend of mine and I will pay the bill. Or if is a psychiatric hospital, there is a famous one in Lagos where you can be treated. I have decided to be taking you and others like you to the cleaners anytime you show any sign of madness.
    Least I forget, let me remind you of the song of betrayal that the Yoruba people sang for your father declaring him as a black sheep “Fani-Kayode jegbese ote!, Fani-kayode Jegbese ote…..” If you are not careful your own song is under composition; Omo osan tinko pompo ba iya e.

  2. Remember he told the not too young run group that he will always not forget his Constituency of Old people. Let those who are perfect wait for their time to be president. Once they hate, are always criticizing.

  3. What’s the fuss about the office of chief of staff since Buhari’s foray and misadventure into governance. Yar’adua presided over the affairs of Nigeria without a Chief of staff.

    The only reason the office of chief has suddenly become a BIG DEAL is because Nigeria has a sleepy and do nothing President, who delegated virtually all the apparatchik of government to his chief of staff.

    Sometime ago both the electronic and print media were awash with tales of how Abba Kyari appointed himself and daughter in lucrative positions at NNPC, the clueless president signed and endorsed the appointments without knowing the details of the documents.

    Just yesterday, Fafawora narrated how he was betrayed by Gambari.

    I am looking forward to seeing Gambari manipulate Buhari for personal aggrandizement and also take dubious actions aimed at the enthronement of the Fulanis domination and supremacy over the rest of the ethnic nationalities.

    What a fulani herdsmen government. What an ethnic leaning government. What a needless change Nigerians made in 2015. What a huge mistake.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

    • “What a needless change Nigerians made in 2015. What a huge mistake” Very apt. Everything is in disarray since inception of this administration. How we avoid a repeat of this regrettable episode because the promoters of this error are already working on future elections! We need help!

  4. He must be a lucky man to have the opportunity at his old age to do restitution to both his God and humanity by not going in his old ways( has told by some of his generation)because if he does more people will come out to tell us his previous shady actions and it is then means both his generation and younger generation will not forgive him.
    My advice to him is to ask himself what else do I want at this stage of my life and use this opportunity to serve and be fair to all Nigerians. He has no reason at all to allow Buhari or the Cabal he met to use him against anybody, tributes or a section of the Country. He should not allow the Cabal to bring him down as they have down to A gentle, clever Abba Kyari.
    He has been appointed as COS and if he is removed in the next 2months in his attempt to be fair to all, he will still be called former COS to the president.
    I wish him God’s wisdom, fear of God which he will use to steer away this administration from the disintegration of Nigeria.
    God bless Nigeria

    • Thanks Mr ayoola, for your kindly intellect and understanding and your advice to the new CoS. May almighty Allah continue to guide and strengthen him with beneficial knowledge to sail through on the appointment.

    • The Appointment of a 75 years old COS reminds me of Buhari deceit as he’s always known. His policies of not too YOUNG to run, has gone into the sea. It’s now let the Young die, while the old gets it all. Since the young does not have Future in this regime.
      Shi oor. Ooin.

  5. Nigerians eyes are wide open,because today is not and cannot be yesterday,let them be unfolding the more as we are readily awaiting for their agenda,our mumu don do.Congrats Mr COS.

  6. Hmmmm, Professor Gabari Agboola first and foremost, let me congratulate you on your new appointment as CSO to PMB our great president that really means well for our great country Nigeria, 2. Please, you need to be extra careful about the twice evil brothers that starts pouring encomium message of congratulatory messages sir, well I known you as a principled man, Professor, fear of Saraki is the beginning of wisdoms, Saraki single handedly held up Nigeria progress and development for four years for politics of bitterness and parochial interest and with our slogan of OTOGEE, Kwaran were able to killed Saraki politically, Professor your contribution stand out, please stay away from Bukola Saraki and Aticulooter welcome on board sir.

    • The stagnation Nigeria experienced from 2015 to 2019 was never caused by Bukola Saraki. The executive branch of government decided to make life difficult for the Saraki and Dogara because they were not their preferred candidates to head national assembly. A lot of bills that would have add value to Nigeria as a country were enacted by national assembly but Buhari and his cabals decided not to sign does bills into law. How can you explain Buhari’s refusal to sign the electoral act into law when he himself claimed that it was the card reader that made him win 2015 presidential election?

    • i can’t imagine that you’re praising an invisible human being as your president it’s really sad that you & your likes are blinded hypocritical,also hungry only wanted to be noticed’when you’re hungry you can’t be yourself’

  7. Congratulations to Gambari’s appointment, Life is turn by turn, wait for your time.
    God bless Buhari
    God bless Nigeria

  8. It is only in a dysfunctional country like Nigeria where an unelected person like the CoS will be so powerful and his appointment will attract so much attention.

    • Only in Nigeria. Copy copy country. Over 90% of Americans where we copy everything from (First Lady, Chief of Staff etc) cannot tell you the name of Mr Trump’s Chief of Staff. Here it is a big deal.

    • Elijah, how old are you?. Do you know Nigerian history at all. I am sure 1993-98 is not too far for you to research. Go find out how he defended Abacha on the international scene after they murdered Saro Wiwa. Its like Southerners are very short in memory, no wonder some were clamoring for that thief deposed Emir as President for 2023
      Pity you all

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