Russia moves to edge Britain as coronavirus third worst-hit

Russia’s coronavirus caseload reached 221,000 on Monday, to become a contender for the world’s third worst-hit nation.

Britain which occupies the grim slot now has fewer than 2,000 cases ahead.

At the moment, Britain has 223,060 cases, after adding Monday’s figure of 3,877 cases.

Spain announced another 3,480 to hit 268,143 cases, next to the U.S. which has 1,371,176 cases.

Russia’s identified caseload of the novel coronavirus has sharply risen over the past six weeks, with daily additions of over 10,000 since nine days ago.

Over 2,000 people have died from causes directly linked to the disease.

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Lockdown quarantine measures have been imposed in many parts of the country for over a month.

Moscow bears the brunt of the cases with about 115,000 reported.