Lockdown: 2,310 violators arrested, 2,092 vehicles impounded in Lagos

Some of those arrested during lockdown
Some of those arrested during lockdown

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu on Monday revealed that 2,310 violators were arrested and 2,092 vehicles impounded in Lagos during the last lockdown in the state to check the spread of Coronavirus.

Speaking at a news conference in Lagos, Odumosu said of out those arrested, 2,185 were charged to court and were punished accordingly, while 125 others were released.

He said of the 2,092 vehicles impounded, 800 were private vehicles and 1,292 commercial vehicles, adding that the police equally impounded 1,535 okadas and 369 tricycles.

In his words: “During the lockdown period, Lagos State Police Command succeeded in arresting 2,310 violators of lockdown order. We charged 2,185 suspects to Court and they were awarded various punishments. We released 125 suspects, who are mostly under age offenders.

“Our enforcement teams impounded 2,092 vehicles, comprising 800 private vehicles and 1,292 commercial vehicles. We equally impounded 1,535 motorcycles and 369 tricycles.”

Odumosu added that with the pronouncement of the gradual easing of the lockdown by the government with effect from Monday, 4th May, 2020, the Command adopted more effective measures and strategies to enforce the curfew imposed from 8.00pm to 6.00am daily as well as the ban on non-essential inter-states movements.

“Our teams were also deployed to ensure that Lagosians obey the guidelines regarding opening and closing time for businesses, workplaces, markets; the use of face mask in public places; number of passengers per commercial vehicle and maintaining social distancing principles.

Some vehicles impounded during lockdown

“On the first day of the enforcement, we arrested 121 suspects for violating the curfew order and 79 vehicles were impounded. 58 suspects were arrested for not wearing face mask.

“Within the last one week, the Command has successfully arrested 1,434 violators. Out of the number, 820 were arrested for violating curfew, 134 arrested for not wearing face mask, 80 arrested for not maintaining social distance and 208 arrested for inter-states travel.

“123 vehicles were impounded, which include 25 vehicles intercepted for interstates travel. 332 motorcycles and 29 tricycles were also impounded,” he said.


  1. Awoof has landed for the Lagos state police command commissioner and other police/govt officials. Off the bat, one can confidently say this number is probably about 5% of those actually apprehended. 95% have “settled” and released already. The supposed underage arrested and would have also coughed up some “settlement”. Now, the ones paraded are the ones that could not immediately “settle”, but will eventually “settle” once it dawns on them that they may end up in kirikiri or ikoyi prison. That “settlement” will be for the bigger boys. If anyone doubts this theory, call the police or govt in six months time to account for those arrested and the proceeds of the fine imposed and paid. It is then you will begin to get various stories of abscondment while en-route to court or while in police custody. Absolutely no revenue will be accounted for as generated from this exercise. Just another means for the boys to enjoy.

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