I am utterly amazed that Wike demolished two hotels – Fani-Kayode

Fani-Kayode and Wike
Fani-Kayode and Wike

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Critic, Femi Fani-Kayode has attacked Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike for demolishing two hotels just because they violated his lockdown order to check the spread of Coronavirus.

Wike had on Sunday monitored the demolition of two hotels for flouting his lockdown order to halt the spread of Coronavirus.

The hotels are: Prodest Hotel, Alode, Eleme, and Etemeteh Hotel in Onne both in Eleme Government local area.

Wike said: “Government has no alternative but to apply the Executive order which I signed before the lockdown of Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt. I called all the Traditional Rulers and Council Chairmen and told them to ensure that no hotel operates in the State.

“We are not saying it will be forever. This is for now, so that we know where we are. To reduce the cases and check the spread.

“Whether you are PDP or not, all we are saying is that nobody is above the law. If we can do this to a PDP person, then you know we are not discriminatory. Everyone must obey. Whether you are in PDP, SDP or no party, you must obey the law. If any other person does the same thing, the same rule will apply.

“We said no hotel should operate within this period. Unfortunately, the PDP Youth Leader in Eleme joined others to flout the Executive Order. Therefore, the executive order will be applied.

“We said if any hotel operates, Government will bring down that hotel. We are doing what we have told people that we are going to do.

“Nobody wants to obey any rules. We are saying just for now, keep off, let us see how we can keep our people safe,” he said.

But reacting to the development, Fani-Kayode said he was utterly amazed that Wike could demolished two hotels just because they violated his lockdown order.

He said the governor should simply have closed down the hotels and arrest the culprits rather than demolishing them.

In his words: “Two hotels demolished in Port Harcourt because they violated the Governor’s executive order on Covid 19?

“The Governor did not see fit to simply close down the hotels and arrest the culprits but instead he KNOCKED them both down? I am utterly amazed!”


  1. People talking about wike are evil people
    The governor impose a lockdown and they disobey, so what are you expecting from the governor. He should congratulate them for disobeying

  2. I will always support and prefer Wike’s drastic action to curtail the spread of Covid-19 to the President’s inactions and prejudices as his fulani herdsmen killers keep moving from one state of Nigeria to another raping, killing and butchering Nigerians.

    Wike took them action to safe lives. For 6 years, this President has kept quiet, his fulani herdsmen killers became law unto themselves and indiscriminately engaging in kidnappings, abductions, raping, savagery, encroachment and destruction of farmlands, killing and butchering Nigerians needlessly without arrests and prosecutions.

    This singular action by Wike on his party members, though harsh, I am convinced that if given the opportunity to preside over the affairs of Nigeria, he would equitably dispense justice and resources amongst Nigerians which sadly is the antithesis of Buhari’s promise of change.

    What a failed government. What an ethnic leaning and prejudiced regime. What a needless change Nigerians made in 2015. What a huge mistake.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

  3. This is to show the extent to which some bootlickers can sell their conscience for whatever price. I strongly believe that the law will catch up with him and all those that are supporting his barbaric action. It is high time we all know that power is transient.

  4. Wike is a brute and a buffoon that lives with stone age mentality. Fani Kayode the razor sharp mouthed critic of Buhsri could only stand hands akimbo to say that he is amazed to the barbarous acts of his co-demented hooligan that rigged elections through violence to hoist a reign of terror and trepidation on hapless citizens of his state. Very tragic. What is the difference between Wike and Idi Amin of Uganda?

  5. If it were Buhari you should rant and call him unprintable names, now you are only amazed. Useless PDP

  6. The continued rate of barbarism in some of these so called authorities in Nigeria will not cease to amaze me. Just like the parlance…is cutting off a head the remedy to a head ache? Remember the stupid Ajimobi and the demolition of Yinka Ayefele’s music house in Ibadan recently? A very reasonable person will just shut down the hotel, or simply impose a heavy fine on the operator/culprit. However, what more would you expect from animal farm. Very pathetic!

    • Yes, if Nigerians were ideally reasonable responsible citizens, the reasonable penalty would have been to shut the hotel down and impose a fine, but seeing as you Nigerians are stubborn, obstinate, goats, a more decisive, message sending harsh punishment would be in order, so that you understand the importance of not using your indiscipline and corruption to permit a pandemic into Nigeria, a country which cannot afford such a full blown health crisis. A few hotels demolished to forestall thousands of potential deaths is a reasonable price to pay for disobedience and corruption. If you think otherwise, then there is sufficient evidence to commit you to a psychiatric facility immediately. You are one of the animals living in your animal farm and you should be treated as such.

    • Mosquito bite you, you then go for a gun. It is inappropriate. Wike should compensate the owner. What about job loss after Corona Virus. The Governor sanity need to be investigated. Pure & Simple

  7. Power corrupt but absolute power corrupt absolutely. Thank God, Wike is not the President of Nigeria, he would’ve just being arresting law offenders and be executing them, without any court sentence.
    The Governor, who claimed to be a lawyer, is a despot and embarrassment to the law profession.

  8. Madness is madness. Wike is mad . Simple.
    Just because he can now steal as much as he can, he no longer understand the value of. Hotel

    • You, rather, are the mad person, if you do not see the wisdom in the prudent penalty imposed, for contravening a law, which was made, to prevent stupid ppl like you,your family, and your whole city from sudden death. If all you can selfishly, and greedily see in everything that occurred, is money and monetary value and gain, then all is lost for you and your madness has not only entered your whole body, but has also entered the market. It is so sad that a lot of you losers are so myopically rudimentary in thinking that it borders on an affliction level severity.

    • Roberto so if the hotel is sealed for 6 months you think that the message will not get through. I mean it’s like in some parts of China if you steal a chicken you’re sent to the firing squad – so is human life and chicken life the same ?

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