Kaduna captures 2 COVID-19 patients who bolted away

Amina Mohammad Baloni Kaduna commissioner for health
Amina Mohammad Baloni Kaduna commissioner for health

Security agents in Kaduna have arrested the two COVID-19 positive persons who bolted from their homes after they were notified of their status.

Commissioner of Health Dr. Amina Mohammad Baloni confirmed that they have been dragged to the isolation centre.

Baloni’s ministry had declared the two persons missing.

Government wanted them to come for treatment at the isolation centre.

In a statement on Sunday, Baloni warned that it is illegal and dangerous for Covid-19 patients to switch off their phones and make themselves inaccessible to health authorities after being notified of their test results.’’

The Health Commissioner noted that ‘the reckless action of the absconded positive patients is not only endangering themselves but their families and the larger community.

‘’Similar irresponsible conduct by some Covid-19 positive cases has been reported in another state.

“It is a pattern of behaviour that must be stopped because it is patently dangerous to public safety, ‘’ she warned.