By Paul Iyoghojie

The Management of Renner, Renner Consulting Limited, a specialist in maritime, human capital development and oil and gas services, has led some officials of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), on a study trip to the United States of America Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Norwegian Environmental Agency, NEA and the World Bank Global Gas flaring reduction partnership department to study about gas flaring reduction techniques, methane policies and regulations and Green House Gas, GHG emission in the oil and gas sector.

The delegation was led by Ibby Iyama, the Director of Renner, Renner Consulting Limited in Nigeria.

Other officials on the trip were Mr Jennis Anyanwu, (DPR), Micheal Kambi, (DPR) Ugochi Ayodele, (DPR) and host of others.

The delegation visited the USA Environmental Protection Agency, (USEPA) where they were lectured by experts on Green House Gas (GHG)
inventory management, methodology for GHG calculators, including the protocols and procedures they were using, intergovernmental panel on climate change, IPCC assessment reports, emission regulations and enforcement.

The delegation also visited the World Bank in Washington DC and the Centre for Clean Air Policy, (CCAP) and the Clean Air Tank Force (CATF) where gas flaring reduction experts of the bank explained to them the efforts they were making towards gas flare reduction
globally, the importance of addressing methane emissions as well as exploring the efforts of other countries like Mexico, Canada,
Australia and the USA towards addressing GHG emissions in the oil and gas sector.

In Norway, Oslo, the delegations were hosted to a workshop on Green House Gas, (GHG) reporting and mitigations in the oil and gas sector and to understand Norway’s methane policies and regulations.

Speaking about the study trip abroad, Ibby Iyama, the Nigeria director of Renner Renner consulting stated that her firm embarked on
the trip to USA and Norway with the DPR officials with the aim of fulfilling the oil and gas obligations towards Nigeria meeting her Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to empower (DPR) to continued to measure, monitor, report and verify (GHG) emissions from oil and gas sector.

Iyama said that the study trip would provide a platform for the (DPR) to take a leading position as the regulator for the (DPR) in the oil and gas industry by focusing on records, report and measure from oil and gas corporation on how CO2 impact the climate and hold item accountable if they try to derail.