Danger! Coronavirus patients flee in Lagos

Onikan Isolation centre

Lagos State Government on Friday lamented that some people who tested positive for Coronavirus have fled their homes when government officials came to take them to isolation centres.

Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi disclosed this at a news conference to give update on Coronavirus situation in Lagos.

He said government always experience a situation where some people who tested positive would run away from their home once they discover their status, and that some even switched off their phones.

Abayomi added that some positive patients would shut their doors against government officials and leave the environment because they were afraid of being isolated.

He appealed to Lagosians who tested positive not to run away but to cooperate with government officials.

In his words: “There is also a situation that we experience, when we test people, sometimes they find it difficult to find them. The ambulances will go into community, people will flee their homes, and they make it difficult for us to find them.”

“If you have tested positive, we expect you to cooperate with us and make yourself available so that you can be admitted and accessed.

“Our isolation facilities are really comfortable, it is not like the Ebola days, we have made a lot of improvements.

“Members of the executive and senior people in government have been admitted into those facilities. If I test positive, I will go to one of those facilities.”

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  • I'm sure that this is one of the numerous hidden reasons on which WHO had based its projected figure of coro infection.
    It doesn't make any sense to run away from being admitted to government centers designed to take care of infected people. Knowingly, such infected people will continue to infect other people!
    The government should not hesitate to take drastic measures against such people if they are caught.

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