Coronavirus: Actors Guild of Nigeria begins aggressive sensitization

Wassh Waziri, National Vice President, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN)
Wassh Waziri, National Vice President, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN)

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has engaged its members in an aggressive public sensitization programme against the coronavirus.

The National Vice President of AGN, Wassh Waziri, stated this on Friday in Kaduna.

Waziri said, “The Guild has mobilised artistes that include: actors, musicians, Disc Jokers (DJs), music and film producers resident in Kaduna and Kano states, in the production of jingles, videos clips and plays aimed at enlightening the public on the COVID-19”.

Waziri said that the AGN was collaborating with sister bodies such as Arewa Film Makers, Kaduna State Creative Arts Stakeholders’ Forum (KADCAST), actors from Kannywood and Nollywood to create maximum public awareness on the pandemic.

“So far, we have produced over 40 jingles that are already making waves on the various social media platforms including the print and electronic media.

“This has been made possible with the cooperation of the members comprising: singers, actors, DJs and even bouncers, who have been contributing their quotas toward achieving a common purpose.

“We have embarked on sacrificial shootings, engaging children and adults to create awareness that coronavirus is real,” he added.

He said that the artistes using the public address system organised mobile performances targeted at information dissemination on coronavirus.

The Guild’s Vice President appealed to the government to lend its full support to actors in the country whom he said were the mirror of the society.

Waziri said that the guild would welcome any form of financial support from the government for its activities.

He said that it was high time that the government at all levels understood the importance of artistes’ roles in nation building.

“A sizeable chunk of the public sees artistes as role models and have even come to believe them more than some public figures when they speak.

“It is easier to send a message to the public by the government through an artiste,” he said.