Finally Paulo Dybala kicks out coronavirus

Paulo Dybala: overcomes coronavirus
Paulo Dybala

Juventus striker Paulo Dybala has finally overcome the coronavirus.

Four times, the 26 year-old Dybala tested negative for the virus, making his fans worried.

But the Argentine finally got the all clear and football world, including the player and his club sighed a big relief.

Juventus said: Paulo Dybala performed, as per protocol, a double check with diagnostic tests (swabs) for Coronavirus-Covid 19, which came back with negative results.

“ The player has, therefore, recovered and will no longer be subjected to the home isolation regime”, the club added in a terse statement.

The player too was excited with his illustrative photograph on Instagram, looking to the skies in exultation.

“My face says it all. I am finally cured from Covid-19”, he wrote.

On Twitter he said: Many people talked in the past weeks … but I can finally confirm that I am healed. Thank you once again for your support and my thoughts on all who are still suffering from it. Take care! ♥️