South Africa health minister Zweli Mkhize

By Abankula

Zweli Mkhize, health minister of South Africa revealed today that 511 health workers have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Two, a doctor and a nurse, have died, he said.

Mkhize made this known today in a tweet as the country’s coronavirus cases reached 7,572 with 148 deaths.

“We have a total of 511 health workers who have tested positive. 26 of them are hospitalized & we have lost 2 of them, a doctor and a nurse. 149 health workers have recovered. The contribution of the protective gear is therefore very important”, he said.

“I pay tribute to all our health workers. They have done a great job.

“We bow our heads and salute you.

We appreciate all the work you are doing. Both public and private health workers are one,” he added.

Mkhize also disclosed that the country has been contacted by Madagascar on its curative drink for the virus.

He said South African scientists will analyse the herb, as a first step.