Shame on us, we failed – Dino Melaye blasts politicians

Senator Dino Melaye
Dino Melaye
Dino Melaye

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Controversial politician and former Senator, Dino Melaye has concluded that Nigerian politicians including himself have failed Nigerians as the country continued to battle the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the former lawmaker, himself and everyone who held and is holding any political office in Nigeria, have disappointed Nigerians, because politicians refused to feed the citizens for just 2 weeks of lockdown

He further said that the God of the poor will judge them, as it is time to reboot.

“Shame on us all,” he captioned the post on his Instagram page.

“Everyone who held and is holding any political office in Nigeria, whether elective or appointed including me have failed.

“We sold crude oil for 64 years but we couldn’t feed our citizens for just 2 weeks of lockdown!!! Well, the God of the poor will judge us all.

“It’s time to reboot,” he concluded.–


  1. There is absolutely no reason to politicize Dino’s message to the country’s politicians because coro is not a political issue. Lockdown is entirely a question of survival because those disobeying the stay at home order are simply risking their lives.
    Personally, I think the government should have provided some relief to people in order not to take such risks. Immediately news came out that the virus had started spreading from its source in China I locked up my office premises and even now I have not made any efforts to re-open. Certainly, there are many people in Nigeria who have to risk going out every day during the lockdown period as it will be very difficult for them to survive without doing that. And I still believe that the government can assist such people.

  2. I think the only time Nigerian politicians realised their failure is when they left the seat of power either by rigging them out or death. If these are the only ways,then Nigerians should be praying for them towards those ways so that they quickly learn. And second comes,they will able to do better.

  3. Sometimes people call Dino a controversial politician, and some would be ready to stab or crucify him for every statements he make on the pages of the newspaper, even though DINO himself as a politician is corrupt, it is only the wise that will understand his message to the nation, it is very rare to find politician like Dino who will openly say the unequivocal truth, if for 64 years of sales of Nigerians crude oil and Nigerian government can not feed a population of 200 million for 30 minutes let alone two week as speculated by Dino Melaye, what do call that and how do Nigerians rate that, nothing but a total failure of a system and shamelessness of a government that exist since 1960 till date that place no value on it’s citizens.
    Nigeria is a complete failure, our politician are insensitive rogues, they should cover their face in shame and apologize to Nigerians especially the poor and the commoners.

  4. You don’t need to tell us.. you have been failing before you lost your reelection… All politicians have been failing in the past and present and God will judge you accordingly…

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