Fani-Kayode to Wigwe: You gave FG N1bn, sack hundreds, shame on you

Fani-Kayode and Wigwe
Fani-Kayode and Wigwe

Critic, Femi Fani-Kayode has berated the Managing Director of Access Bank, Herbert Wigwe for sacking hundreds of staff after giving the Federal Government N1 billion to fight Coronavirus.

Access Bank had given the Federal Government N1 billion to wage war against Coronavirus.

But the bank, few days ago laid off lots of staff, citing economic downturn arising from Coronavirus lockdown as the reason.

The bank also cut the salaries of staff of the bank, as part of measures to stay afloat.

Fani-Kayode, reacting to the development said it was foolishness for Access Bank to give FG N1 billion to fight COVID-19  and the next day sacked hundreds of loyal staff.

In his words: “You gave 1 Billion Naira to the FG to fight COVID-19 & the next day you sacked hundreds of your loyal staff.

“You betrayed your workers and turned your back on them when they needed you most because you were more interested in your profits and appeasing Buhari. SHAME ON U!

“Worse still, you shut down 340 of your branches! With a stroke of the pen you have thrown thousands of people into unemployment at a time when they are already going through hell because of the lockdown and you have destroyed many families. Herbert Wigwe, how do you sleep at night?”



  1. FFK, God bless you for speaking out against injustices on the hapless citizens of this nation.
    I doubt if Mr. Wigwe has a family. Does he?
    Does he have a functional corporate board? I doubt too.
    I suggest that all sacked workers and closed branch Managements should bury their differences, come together and seek redress at the Court of Arbitration.
    While Mr. Wigwe will be busy spending more of shareholders’ billions wriggling himself and his conscienceless board out the Court, other sycophantic organizations like Access Bank will learn their lessons.

  2. Not only access bank. Nigerian banks are having a swell time with this covid 19 stunt. Banks are the agent they’re using to spread the virus. Otherwise how can you tell me that at this time alot of these banks dont load their atm’s? Now the want alot of crowd to gather in front of their banks, then they allow them enter the bank hall in 3’s per time while otherside the bank crowded people gather there. Are they nlt supposed to preach and practice social distancing even to those who are their customers outside waiting to withdraw cash? Why not load the atms to reduce the number of those waiting in line to withdraw case? They think they are protecting themselves, but they forget that they’ll still come out to mix up with those they’re trying to endanger via one way or the other. Or maybe a member of their loved ones might contact those customers and come back to infect them later. What goes around comes around. Banks should stop taking advantage of this situation to maltreat and endanger their customers. This is not a joke. Neither is it fair. Those customers are the ones who make the banks function and continue to do business. Stop the wickedness now.

  3. The young man is probably eyeing a life of Nija politics, after a stint in the banking world.
    Or better still been promised or a political appointment, in the corridors of power.
    The money is very well shared amongst the Executive members of Buhari’s cabinet, compared to the 306 senators of the federal republic.
    Egunje re-packaged.
    God save and bless Nigeria.



    • The MD has just proven me right that even his generation of his type has nothing to offer Nigerians of today. Maybe those two-year old children would effect change in Nigeria. Maybe.

  4. Nwigwe’s action is despicable. He should please ask the Federal Government to return the N1 Billion. It was a donation in error. Furthermore, recall the sacked staff and ask God for forgiveness. At a time like this, we need to call a spade a spade and condemn evil when we see it.

  5. he has chosen his destiny by this act. We should use our hands and mouths to make sure Access Bank is brought to zero by pulling out our money and placing a curse on this bank name and WIGWE the (MD). Let God sack him and his Bank the same way he did to the loyal workers of this great country, Operation reject access Bank, let this be a protest for this month of May 2020,FFK more grace to you sir.

  6. Pls FGN honorably return that 1bn to access bank. God save Nigerians from bad leaders

  7. Who knows whether this donation was forced on them by this government because no smoke without fire

  8. Fani kayode, God will keep blessing you and your generation Amen. As for Nwigwe, the damage has already been done , what you are expected now is to show humility first by apologizing to Nigerians by that you are redeeming your image and at the same time lifting the great image of this country, after all nobody is above mistake, You are a nigerian, theirs is adage which says you don’t throw away a child with the dirty water, we will not throw you away nor our brothers taken there money because of your actions, if they do the aim is defeated, apologizing to the people and humbly resign, then go and do two weeks community service, by that your image and that of your generation will be restored. You have really fail humanity.

  9. Chai, Naija my country, we are so blessed with useless, deaf and dumb, hopeless leaders, how can u donate 1b and relieve some staffs of duty. I hope ur children will not be treated the way you have just treated innocent beings for being loyal in carrying out their assignments. What I think we should do is invade the banks and help him close it down. Else other banks might follow in his stinky footsteps. Hard luck to the sacked workers. The lord is your strength…

  10. Access bank is a shithole where Gorillas heads humans I wonder why some people still dey use this bank this desert call access bank swallow intercontinental bank, swallow the Almighty Diamond too still the bank is not different from a community banks because of the wickedness of this gods of no land called Herbert wigwe frustrated MD with a frustrated entity . A dead intercontinental or Diamond Bank is far better and prefered than the living access bank the result is what we are seeing.
    They make so much money but its staff is never secured. What a Desert Entity. Shame on u Herbert.

  11. I think someone should do a better job by confirming the issue of sacking staff and closure of 340 branches with a stroke of pen from the bank. These are not the kind of decisions to be taken like that. Even if it cost the bank n10m to operate each branch in terms of fixed assets, that will be n3.4b. You can’t just throw that kind of investment away without recoursing to other stakeholders. So it is difficult for me to believe such an action was taken by the bank’s management.

  12. As a mark of integrity the FGN should return the 1bn back to access bank. The management of Access Bank is not only foolish in their actions but also wicked

    • That is what a people oriented government is expected to do. But this government of Mr Integrity? I am not sure.

  13. Year culminating in the eyes of self pity I had but know is the end of tribulations;Those who voted for this present Government are to be blamed.If Access Bank can donated # 1 billion to the purse of a senseless Govt and same bank turned and desended heavily on his loyal staffs this is beyond wickedness.
    Let’s hold our peace PROSPERITY shall judge them.with this trends Access Bank shall soon be liquidated.Wait and see.

  14. The management of Access bank has thrown caution to the wind by this singular despicable act of inhumanity.
    The Federal government should return this blood gift of one billion and order the bank to reinstate all the sacked staff with immediate effect.
    People should think about the consequences of their actions. Imagine what will happen if characters like the management of Access bank find themselves in the corridors of power? May God bless Fani Kayode for representing the oppressed.

  15. Mr Wigwe, I hope this gets to you.
    You’re a well educated but foolish and very very stupid being. If you can donate 1billion naira and still have millions of masses crying of hunger.Millions of NIGERIANs are not seeing any impact on the so called donation that you made and will still cost your loyal, good hearted and God fearing staff that have been working so hard for the growth of your so called ACCESS BANK to lose their jobs.

    All Nigerians should just walk into the bank and close every single account they have there.

  16. Watch it, beforlong IMF Will appoint him Sub Sahara representative. I can bet, even the FG don’t understand how this IMF boy boys operates. They are so tutored in the game beyond normal 1+1, for them 0+0= Billions. Very crooked Minds. But again they didn’t spend that much to go to Havard to serve us free meals. If we unite, they will listen. God Bless Nigeria

    • Why will you not tell Fani Kayode to hire them, that you are comfortable today does not make comfortable forever. This is not the right time to just sack people from their jobs. Don’t you have conscience? What you sow is what you will reap. I rest my case with this conscienceless human animal.

    • Zanda or Panda, God will punish you for that comment, your name is almost the same with animal’s name

  17. I never expected anything less from those guys, check their backgrounds, they belong to the establishment and don’t care a hoot about the poor. In the first place, it’s still a mystery how small fish Access swallowed big Intercontinental big.

    • He had also failed himself since they day he thought of it in his mind and brought it on the table of board of Directors who supported it too.
      But I wish young Nigerians would reason deeply and pack their assets from this bank out to any bank who never gave those Hyenas,Pythons,Crocodiles, Foxes who reside under Aso Rock ,money to share for others to learn lesson. Because the MD of Access Bank represents young people who could not represent them with Prudence in management but again turned to his fellow young Nigerian Staffs and sacked them

  18. The federal government should return the 1billion to the bank and ask it to retain the staff.

  19. When these guys took over the management of Access Bank, the first thing they did was to sack all the Polytechnic graduates in their organization. Even the law makers could not stop them. They’ve never been people friendly in their policies. Shame on Aig-Imokude and Herbert Wigwe. The management of Access Bank got it wrong again.

  20. That is Nigeria for you and folks wonder why Kanu called it a zoo. Trump called it shithole

  21. Access bank intends to add more to our economic woes. May Almighty Allah touch herbert heart

    • This is the height of insensitivity on the part of the management of Access Bank. The FGN should honorably return the N1b back to Access Bank while the bank should in turn reinstate the staff to their work.

  22. Fani Kayode is always on point. Shame on Wigwe.

    Shame on federal government also. They have not justifiably and equitably distributed the billions of naira they have received.

    Nigeria is the only country in the world looting the treasury dry during this hard time.

    The treasury house went up in flames, the corporate affairs commission office went up in flames, Nigerians on social media said they have not received anything from the government as palliative.

    Where is the money? What a wicked regime. What an incredibly insensitive inefficient ineffective and corrupt regime.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

  23. I think you are very right, let us move all our money from them to a better bank that were ready to retain our people at this challenging period.

    • Yes .we should all move our account out of access bank until the sacked staff are called back

  24. It is very unfortunate that people you think that at learned turns out to be puppets to this failed government. To prove to him that we are more intelligent than him, let every that banks with Access/Diamond bank begin right away to pull out their money from Access or Diamond bank and migrate to other banks. I am doing this first thing tomorrow morning.

    • Wigwe is a big fool and a cursed man. He just let the whole world know how stupid he is. Shame on Wigwe, shame on him.

    • I think it is very foolish and unwise for Access bank MD to turn his back on his loyal staff at the time they needed him most. He is a failure to humanity. Has he ever considered the number of people that would be jobless by closing down 340 branches. This man is heartless.

    • I am not an everyday fan of Fani-Kayode. But like Ben Bruce, he is making a lot of common sense. How on earth would you donate N1b to a ‘rich’ Federal Government and then sack hundreds of your loyal workers and millions of their dependants in one fell swoop. So it is all about publicity stunt! It is the daftest thing I have heard in a while.

      This is how they are making a mockery of this government. The President himself had come out bodly to tell Corporate Organisations and others not to use Covid19 or other smokescreen to throw ordinary Nigerians into the labour market at these painful times. If this is not checked other copycats will follow. I want to urge the President to return Wigwe’s N1b and order him to reinstate the disengaged staffers. The Federal government can survive Covid19 without donation from people like he.

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