‘This breaks my heart’ – Tolani Otedola reacts to blog post about brother

Tolani and Fewa Otedola
Tolani and Fewa Otedola
Tolani and Fewa Otedola
Tolani and Fewa Otedola

Tolani Otedola, Nigerian singer and first daughter of business mogul Femi Otedola, has lambasted a news report that described her younger brother, Fewa as mentally unstable.

The singer stated that her brother has autism, and he is not mentally unstable. She made it known that autism is not a disease or an illness.

She shared her dissatisfaction at the “press’ for using such insensitive language.

In her words, “This breaks my heart… that the “press” can use such insensitive language when talking about something that affects so many people!.

She concluded her post by disclosing that autistic people can live fully with the love and support of family and friends.

See her post below;


  1. I think we need a huge sensitization on the need to absorb and give love to regular persons with special needs. Please! They are not what I read the press just described them as.

    They are mostly geniuses in what many of us are of average or zeeeeeero intelligence. Hence ,they have thoughts and brains that is different.

    Infact, for their ‘geniusness’ if I can use that word, they should be served by all. Its a pity our society don’t celebrate them for who they are. Rather see them as odd.

    We celebrate people with average or no brains dancing nakedly about, talent hunt in body flaunting, no invention to our credit, no form of scientific breakthrough, no new discovery, no adventure.

    Please, show them more love bring them out maybe they can be of help to our dying nation.

  2. Its a pity how humans can act like complete animals so to speak. Apparently this so called pressman is some hungry attention seeking element…You lack brains in the worse possible ways sir.
    Thank you.

  3. Did I hear press.Too often one wonders if many of the so called presmen are not just lazy,goddam cheap jobbers.The writer is so depraved as to pick for his scoop an article about a lovely and decent Fees Otedola.The writer has rather done more damage to himself than his mind intended.Simple advise.Get educated,get enlightened,seek and u will understand what love means.Lastly Mr pressman,check out autistic children who are great geniuses..
    in mathematics,the arts and sciences.

    • Am not surprised at all. Bottom line is that most human lack the foundational capacity to function properly in society. Or how do you explain this. That a full fledge adult cannot differentiate between one that is mental challenged and an autistic person. And even if anyone is mental challenged does that call for disparaging or disrespectful remark. At this rate, some animal will soon.lose their right to be called humans

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