Alhaji Tahir Fadlallah: evacuated to Beirut, Lebanon

By Abankula

Amid the rash of deaths in Kano and the surge in coronavirus cases, Tahir Fadlallah, the Lebanese owner of the biggest hotel in the city was evacuated to Beirut, Lebanon on Friday.

He was believed to have contracted the virus.

He was air ambulanced away from Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport.

(Watch the video shared by lalasticlala Lala:

Fadlallah, an elder and chairman of the Lebanese community in Kano, founded the Tahir Guest Palace Hotel in 1994.

The hotel is the city’s biggest hotel and most luxurious with 300 rooms.

Tahir Fadlallah on the wheel chair before entering the plane

The hotel was initially opened as Tahir Guest Inn when Fadlallah decided that the city of Kano did not have a suitable hotel to accommodate its people or its visitors.

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Fadlallah was one of the 82 people honoured by the Kano State Government in 2017 for their contributions to the development of the state.