Nigerians in the Diaspora Organisation (NIDO), Singapore Chapter, said on Wednesday said that no Nigerian in that country had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Vice President of the organisation Dr. Jonathan Obaje made this known.

Obaje was speaking against the backdrop of how Nigerians abroad were coping under the pressure of global lockdown since the outbreak of the virus in China.

“So far, no Nigerian in Singapore has tested positive for the coronavirus.

“We keep in touch with each other through NIDO Singapore social media groups.

“Certainly, the lockdown has created opportunities and challenges.

“Nobody ever imagined that Singapore’s fast-paced, 24-hour bustling city, airport, and seaports could ever slow down for few hours, ever.

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“It is almost unbelievable that we could have four weeks of paid leave to stay at home with family.

“Also, to do those things we have always wanted to do, but had no time to do, such as call friends, read books, watch programmes, and so on, it is unbelievable,” he said.

He added that “although too much of anything is bad” when people did not plan for it, engagement in useful ventures “is key to avoiding boredom”.

According to him, Nigerians in Singapore have taken advantage of the situation to learn something new to improve their wellbeing and better their lives in spite of the economic challenges.

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“The more you open up yourself to learning, the more your chances of coping well with this ‘new life’,” he added.