Melaye and Buhari

Former Senator, Dino Melaye has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to stop the invitation of Chinese doctors to Nigeria to help battle Coronavirus.

The move by the Federal Government to invite Chinese doctors to help the nation battle raging Coronavirus has met with serious criticism and condemnation.

Melaye, in a tweet said Nigerian doctors were doing well, saying Chinese doctors should go to other nations with escalating cases of Coronavirus.

He said if the Chinese doctors were allowed to come in and there is outrageous increase in Coronavirus cases, Nigerians would hold the Federal Government responsible.

In his words: “PMB, please stop the invitation of Chinese Doctors to Nigeria. Our Doctors are doing well in the circumstance.

“Let them go to countries with escalating cases of Corona. If they come and there is outrageous increase in cases,we will hold the FG and minister of Health responsible.”