President Buhari. Traducers say the four-colour flag is Cuba’s

Some Nigerians are really an incredulous, clownish lot on social media, always ready to concoct stories about President Muhammadu Buhari.

They first harangued him with hashtags to address them on the Coronavirus crisis, their aim being to verify whether ‘the seriously coughing’ President was in Nigeria or the UK.

On Sunday, the President stepped out to give the broadcast wanted, detailing the efforts of his government to combat the coronavirus crisis and ordering the lockdown of Lagos and Abuja.

The doubters still remained incredulous and spinned another round of rumour: that Buhari spoke from the basement of a Cuban hotel in Havana.

They pointed to a ‘Cuban flag’ pictured with him as he stood to read his well-delivered speech.

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu began the rumour by stating that the person who gave the national broadcast was an impostor, not the real Buhari.

Then he doubled down by claiming that Buhari spoke from the basement of a hotel in Cuba.

Kanu was the same person who propounded the theory that Buhari was a clone of Jibril from Sudan. Now he is showcasing the president as ill.

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The doubt Kanu sowed was quickly harvested by his followers, who weighed in with reactions:

However, the President’s team and supporters debunked the fake news being peddled, most especially by IPOB members.