Adewale Ayuba urges Nigerians to stay at home to effectively curb the spread of the coronavirus

Fuji musician, Adewale Ayuba, on Tuesday advised Nigerians to obey the Federal Government’s rule of social distancing or stay indoors for proper curtailing of coronavirus.

Ayuba gave the advice while speaking in Lagos.

He attributed the consistent spread of the virus to people’s disobedience to social distancing.

He said that the government needed to sanction offenders just as it was done in some countries and were able to combat the virus to a reasonable extent.

He also advised the Federal Government to do everything within its power to mandate everyone to stay at home.

“The government of Wuhan, China, where the virus was said to have started had been able to control the spread because people’s movements were restricted and they complied.

“I am surprised that Nigerians are still going about their normal businesses despite government’s law on social distancing.

“Government must be able to set out sanctions for people still violating its rules, as offenders should be made to pay some fine.

“Definitely this law is not favourably for our economic growth, but our health should be given top priority before considering any other thing,” he said.

Ayuba urged Nigerians to look inwards and take personal evaluations of themselves very serious.

He advised them to desist from unholy act saying lots of people have jettisoned God’s commandments as stated in the Holy Book.

“I don’t want to sound too spiritual, but the outbreak of coronavirus might be as a result of negative behaviours people engaged in across the globe, over the years.

“I am always sad when I see people engaging in same-sex marriage, changing their sex, money rituals, legalising prostitution and other obnoxious behaviours.

“As human beings, this is the period for us to reflect, have a re-assessment of our lives, desist from the negative behaviours, go back to God and obey his commandments.

“We should all improve on our personal hygiene, wash our hands regularly and adhere to the preventive measures stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Federal Ministry of Health.

“I pray God answers our prayers and keep us safe at this critical period,” he said.