A woman being tested for coronavirus in the United States. Photo credit US News and World Report

For the second day, United States and Italy broke the tragic coronavirus records, by registering more infections and deaths than on Sunday.

Confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. jumped 9,456, higher than the 8,149 recorded on Sunday, according to figures provided by worldometers.info, which has been tracking the pandemic worldwide.

Infections in the US rose above 43,000 people, making it the third worst-hit country in the world. Only China and Italy are ahead.

U.S. death toll also shot to 530, with 117 new deaths.

Italy did not have a clue yet to tame the pandemic, as it logged 4,789 new cases and 601 deaths. The virus has killed 6,077 people till date.

Italy’s confirmed cases rose to 63,927, second to China’s 81,093.

Spain, the world’s fourth worst-hit country has 33,089 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

On Monday, the country reported 4,321 new cases and a tragic 435 deaths, that take the death toll to 2,207.


Germany, Iran, France and Switzerland posted new cases in the thousands on Monday.

While Germany recorded 4,183 new cases that took its tally to 29,056, Iran also reported 1,411 new cases. The Islamic Republic, the worst-hit in the Middle East now has 23,049 cases, while France has 19,856 cases, after it reported 3,838 new ones.

Switzerland reported 1,073 new cases on Monday, taking its tally to 8,547, behind South Korea’s 8,961.

The Asian nation appears to be muscling down the pandemic, as it only recorded 64 new cases on Monday, with seven deaths.