Uche Jombo

Nollywood actress Uche Jombo has reacted to President Buhari’s address to the nation on coronavirus.

In a portion of the 23 seconds video that was posted by Bashir Ahmad, Personal Assistant on New Media, on Sunday, the president had a little problem pronouncing the virus and this got people talking online.

However, Jombo in a post shared on her Twitter page strongly noted that the media team of the president should be replaced over their failure to correct him.

“The whole of president Buhari’s social media team needs to be replaced over COVIK ONE NINE video for not correcting him, watched it and shared it Face with rolling eyes now even ghana people on my TL are having fun with it. I hope the “baba must speak to us” WhatsApp group people are happy,” she tweeted.

However, Uche Jombo’s post generated mixed reactions from her followers on the social media platform.

@Iykimo wrote: “Bashir watched this video and deemed it fit for public consumption?

“This is obviously not a live broadcast and must have been edited once or twice. Wahala dey”

@Ibrahimjamil11: “Most people are just waiting to hear what @MBuhari will say so they will use it again him, this country is full of gullible people.”

@Hon_Oluwatosin: “I keep wondering if the speech was doctored or nursing. I don’t understand anymore. Covik one nine virus Unamused faceUnamused face. How do we get here? Thinking face.”

“90% of the President’s aides are unintelligent people and I say this with all sense of responsibility. The aides of my local government chairman would have corrected that goof,” Uncle Wilson tweeted.

Joniky5 tweeted: “He has addressed you people now. He cannot coman injure himself. Let’s deal with ‘COVID-nineteen” for now.”