Oyo-Ita’s trial begins tomorrow

Winifred Oyo-Ita : puts EFCC on the defensive in court
Winifred Oyo-Ita : trial for alleged fraud begins tomorrow

Winifred Oyo-Ita, the former Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, will be docked tomorrow by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

She will be arraigned before Justice Taiwo Taiwo of the Federal High Court, sitting in Abuja on a charge of fraud in relation to Duty Tour Allowances, DTA; Estacodes; conference fees fraud and receiving kick-backs on contracts.

Others to be arraigned with her are: Frontline Ace Global Services Limited; Asanaya Projects Limited; Garba Umar and his companies: Slopes International Limited; Gooddeal Investments Limited; Ubong Okon Effiok and his own company, U & U Global Services Limited and Prince Mega Logistics Limited.

During investigation, it was discovered that Oyo-Ita, in her roles in the civil service as Director, Permanent Secretary and Head of Service, used her companies as well as Effiok and Umar’s companies as fronts to receive kickbacks from contractors of various ministries and parastatals where she worked.

The former head of service in collusion with Effiok who was her Special Assistant, along with one Titus Okunriboye Tomsin, made bogus claims of fictitious DTA, Estacodes, conference fees which were paid by the government to the accounts of the suspects.


  1. 2 TIMOTHY 2: 19-21. The big question remains: WHY DID GENERAL BUHARI AWARD THIS QUESTIONABLE CHARACTER A FULL RETIREMENT WITH EMOLUMENTS? For doing such a great disservice to her motherland or a full support and endorsement of her crime? WINNINFRAUD OYO-EATER (Formerly known as WININFRED OYO-ITA) is a big disgrace as a former Head of Service turned full blown HEAD OF STEALING! She was called to help the nation, she chose blatantly to help herself. With the mind boggling sums in question, she is likely to hire equally compromised lawyers (Liars) and win in the court. Can she win this war in the court of righteousness? Check it out now: She will claim to be a believer!
    Since she must have had a team for this monumental financial heist, government should trace and fish them all out. Her survivors in service might prove deadlier than her having learnt fraud and forgery from this opaque and shadowy character. A completely bad influence like coronavirus to the civil service. Please let her be dismissed
    summarily as full consequence of action. She does NOT deserve a kobo of tax payers money, if she must serve as deterrent to others.
    By the way, when is the president awarding the other fellow in Presidential Amnesty program who has successfully gone AWOL his own national honour plus his equally plagued/ infested team? Obasanjo will not condone this corruption. May God deliver Nigeria from these rabidly evil elements.

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