Bright Elo aka, Dessyhandsum, Founder/CEO, Handsum Records

Since the outbreak of the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic, codenamed Covid19 and its eventual spread across countries, the government of affected countries have been taking every measure to curb its continuous spread and casualty level, and Nigeria is not left out.

Unaffected countries took the pain to ensure that the pandemic doesn’t spread to their shores as they placed entry bans on affected countries, embarked on series of medical research to forestall any case of the scourge, made necessary provision for sensitizing their citizens on taking basic precautionary measures to prevent being infected with the disease, which from records, has killed more than 1,000 victims.

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But according to Bright Elo, popularly known as Dessyhandsum, Founder/CEO of fast-rising record company, Handsum Records, Elox Logistics and designer sneaker brand, Handsum Sneakers, since December 2019 when the first case of the pandemic was discovered in Wuhan, China, though the Nigerian government has been taking necessary preventive measures by means of orientating the general public, putting machinery in place at all airports, setting up test centres at major hospitals in the country, the government has failed to provide the basic necessities that would aid the prevention of this dreaded virus.

In his opinion, temporarily banning entry of affected countries into Nigeria is not enough preventive measure against the deadly virus.

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He said; “Not until today, March 18, 2020, did the government yield to the alarm raised by Nigerians to place a travel ban on affected countries, in order to prevent further occurrence of the spread in Nigeria. This move is obviously not enough. The government should provide free masks and hand gloves as added safety measures for every Nigerian. Also, every big event that would attract crowd should be suspended for now.”

“In addition, Nigerians should also see it as a compulsory responsibility to observe the basic precautions as advised by medical experts. Wash their hands regularly, apply hand sanitizers when necessary, avoid unnecessarily crowded places, self isolate themselves if they notice any symptom of the disease before mandatorily calling for medical attention and any other necessary preventive measure possible”, he stated.