Emir Sanusi’s new home in Awe, Nasarawa state. Photo Daily Nigerian

Emir Muhammadu Sanusi has had an incredible turn of fate in the last 48 hours, moving from his grandeur palace in Kano to a small two-bedroom bungalow in Awe, Nasarawa State.

Awe was initially not his destined place of banishment after he was removed as the Emir by the Kano State Government. Loko, a town on the bank of River Benue was the choice of the Kano government, following an archaic tradition.

But the host state moved him to Awe.

In any case, the banishment will soon be a court matter as it clearly violates the Nigerian constitution, in terms of a citizen’s right to freedom of movement.

Aides of the deposed Emir at the new abode in Awe

Emir Sanusi with his courtiers in the Kano Palace

The exterior of Kano Emir’s palace

Inside the Palace with all its splendour. Now there will be no such splendour in Awe