Lanre Oni

All is now set for the Nigerian-Eastern Europe Business Summit and EXPO (NEEBSE- Skopje 2020), an event conceived to galvanise mutually beneficial trade and investment ties between Nigeria and the Balkan States.

Organisers of the Summit, Black Swan Innovations AS Group (BSI-AS),a Norwegian based company, in a statement on Tuesday said the summit is geared towards creating a conducive atmosphere for the pursuit of commerce, industry and all other forms of economic activities of interest to the representing participants.

Newly appointed Country Manager/Chief Executive Office of BSI in Nigeria, Lanre Oni explained that the three-day summit will present a “viable opportunity to open up trade, business, investment and economic opportunities for Nigerian businessmen and their counterparts from the Balkan States including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and Turkey”.

The Summit will hold from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th May, 2020 at the city of Skopje, North Macedonia, one of the Balkan states.

Major investors from these countries are looking at the opportunities presented by Nigerian representatives and will be looking forward to executing deals with these Nigerian Businessmen in areas of productive partnerships; strategic business collaborations and endorsement deals. Every attendee will have access to network with peers and investment funding for every screened viable on-going business for which there is a huge open line of credit set aside for this purpose.

Oni said the BSI-AS believes that Nigeria is Africa’s China and allowing Nigeria to be the initiator in this open trade creator will create better rings of trust for African businesses as a whole with future investors

He said though the company is new in Nigeria, BSI-AS has proposed an investment of over $120 million in Turn-Key Farming and the wholesale market in Nigeria, just as it has also indicated interest to start generating 500MW solar energy in various states in Nigeria, provided there is off take agreement with the government and ministries involved.

Oni also said that the Group is currently holding “hot projects” from companies in Eastern Europe that are seeking to partner with Nigerian-based companies in the areas of infrastructure developments , transportation, energy, security, water and products who are willing to invest 80 per cent into these project focuses.

“We are excited to introduce these relationships to Nigeria. This is a clean canvas and will enable an alternative stance of growth to the Nigerian Market. This is history in the making. We applaud the Federal Government border closure. It is a good step in the right direction that will help to foster growth; it will help to increase the value of the Nigerian currency. Jobs can begin to spring up, so BSI will be able to serve as the bridge of bringing in companies that will be established here in Africa and will perform all of the production here also,” he said.

Oni said BSI-AS has a lofty ambition to globalise the African market and economy by being the head conversation starters and access granters for foreign investors between Eastern Europe and the African commercial space; starting with Nigeria.

“Through this endeavour, BSI-AS has managed to grow and invest in important economic areas that will not only create new innovations, but to also improve the overall standard of living. BSI-AS have set up and are strongly operating in other African countries including Sierra Leone and South Africa, with the vision to open up in more African countries within the next few years.

“Many European companies are strongly depending on BSI-AS to lead them to the African market and to especially, Nigeria. On this note, BSI-AS are open for business and are willing to establish great partnerships between African-European businesses.

“Starting from 2020, BSI-AS are focusing strongly on being the pioneering investors and catalysts of opening up these trade borders between these two territories. This will be executed through BSI-AS hosting their first event of the year, NEEBSE 2020, the 1st Nigerian- Eastern Europe Business Summit & EXPO 2020,” he said.