Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The government of Canada has set aside about C$1 billion (approximately 728 million U.S dollars) to help tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made this known on Wednesday, adding that the government was ready to spend more money if necessary to help its provinces combat a worsening situation.

The measures are the first to be unveiled by the Liberal government in Canada, where 91 people have been diagnosed so far, although one person has died.

“Our message to Canadians is clear: to every worker and business, in every province and territory, we have your back and we will get through this together. The money will help buy surgical masks and face shields and also fund vaccine research,” Trudeau told newsmen.

According to him, the government will also make it easier for sick workers to claim employment insurance.

“In a bid to support businesses should the economy experience tightening credit conditions, Ottawa will boost investment in federal lending agencies, such as the Business Development Bank of Canada and Export Development Canada.

“We are ready to do more as the situation warrants it. We know that Canada is in a good position so far both fiscally and with a strong health system, we are always ready to do more,” Trudeau added.