An image from the Friday 6 February mass shooting in Kabul where 32 people were killed

The Police in the Afghan capital Kabul on Sunday said three persons, including a member of provincial council from the eastern Logar province, were killed and another one was injured in a shooting in the province.

“Nasir Ghairat, a member of Logar provincial council, along with two of his security guards were killed and his driver was wounded following a gun shooting in Sayid Noor Mohammad Shah Mina neighborhood,” Ferdaus Faramarz from the Kabul police told Xinhua.

The gunmen allegedly fled the scene after the attack in Police District 8, southeastern side of Kabul.

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Investigation has been launched into the incident, which is the latest in a string of targeted attacks in the country.

On Saturday, local official and civil-society activist Hamza Ghafari was shot dead in Ghazni city, capital of neighboring Ghazni province.

More than 3,400 civilians were killed and over 6,900 others injured in conflict-related incidents in 2019, according to the figures released by UN mission in the country.

Of the total casualties, 817 people were killed and 2,015 wounded in targeted attacks.