Iranian Deputy Minister of Health Alireza Raisi

Iranian Deputy Minister of Health Alireza Raisi said on Tuesday that the total number of people with coronavirus infection has reached 2,336 and some 77 people have died and 435 others have recovered.

Out of the infected, 23 are lawmakers, representing eight percent of the 290-seat parliament members

Alireza Raisi, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency, IRNA said there are 835 new cases of coronavirus infections on Tuesday, of which 11 have died.

Gilan, Qom and Tehran are at the top of the list with the coronavirus. Although the disease trend in Qom has been fixed, cases of infection in these three provinces are more than the other provinces.

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Raisi said that from the early stages more than 8,532 people have been hospitalised for the virus, out of which 5,737 people have been tested, and 2,336 people have definitely been infected with the coronavirus.

So far, 91,318 people worldwide have been infected by the coronavirus , of which 3,131 have died due to disease, and 48,291 have recovered.